Zuckerberg gives date for ‘teleportation’

gave | Thursday, March 11, 2021 – 12:43 | Last Updated: 11 03 2021 – 12:43

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the date when the teleportation technology, which millions of people are wondering about, will meet our lives and said, “You will be teleported to meetings in 10 years.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made statements regarding the date when teleportation technology will enter our lives. “The holy grail of social experiences lies in its ability to give you the feeling of being with someone else,” Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with The Information. Zuckerberg said that he believes that the information platform of the future will be virtual reality and that it makes sense to invest in augmented and virtual reality in this context.


“We’re in 2021, it’s much easier to move bits (the smallest file unit in data storage) than moving the atom,” said Zuckerberg. “Of course cars, planes, all of this will continue to exist. However, when we teleport more, we not only personally eliminate travel and the kinds of things that slow us down individually, I think it is also better for society and the planet in general, ”he said. Zuckerberg underlined that the transition to virtual reality will be good for the world and that carbon emissions may decrease significantly. Zuckberg said in his statement, “You will be transported to meetings in 10 years”.


Emphasizing that virtual reality should evolve, Zuckerberg stated that in order to attract developers, it must have a large 10 million active users and become a large market. “When I think about where we are in VR today, we can go into experience,” says Zuckerberg. There are very good games and different experiences. But I would love to reach the stage where you have your own realistic avatar, where you can make real eye contact with someone, and where real expressions are reflected on your avatar ”.