‘Zippo’ detects Covid-19 virus from odor

A “Kovid-19 detector dog”, which can detect a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) from the smell in the mask, was raised by the cooperation of Ankara University and TÜBİTAK.

The research project titled “The Use of Medical Detector Dogs in the Diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2” was introduced in the program at Ankara Canine College Dog Training and Rehabilitation Center.

Within the scope of the research, the dog named “Zippo”, who was trained for 1.5 months, was able to detect the mask with the Kovid-19 virus.

In a room in the center, the mask of the patient with Kovid-19 was left in an open bottle in one of the 9 boxes with holes. The trained dog named “Zippo” sniffed the boxes and focused on the box containing the mask.

“This activity was carried out as a multidisciplinary study with the support of 5 institutions”

Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Ender Yarsan, in a statement to the press after the application, stated that there were vaccine and drug-related approaches at the point of treatment method in the process of combating Kovid-19.

Pointing out that different techniques are used in the diagnosis of the disease, Yarsan said:

“Among these techniques, although there are a limited number of them in some countries, it is possible to use detector dogs that can be the first in our country for this purpose. For the first time in our country, this activity was carried out as a multidisciplinary study with the support of 5 institutions and the TÜBİTAK project led by Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. It was possible to diagnose Kovid-19 at a rate close to. It is an important approach in terms of both the early diagnosis of the disease and the introduction of preventive medicine practices accordingly. It is also an extremely important study in terms of economy.

“Can be used for work in airport and border areas”

Ankara Canine College Dog Training and Rehabilitation Center Officer Tarkan Özvardar stated that if the theoretical knowledge is shared, trained dogs can be involved in Kovid-19 detection studies in the airport and border areas.

Explaining that the development of theoretical knowledge and training of the dog is done in 3 months, Özvardar continued as follows:

“This dog has never been involved in any study on detector dog studies before. What we want to prove here is that no technological device can catch a dog’s nose. You know, the accuracy rates of PCR tests are 56 percent. Quick tests are already very low, unreliable, but we average percent. We caught 97 with the dog. No technology can catch a dog’s nose. This is what we wanted to prove and the very important point is that it is a scientific study. “

Video message from Rector Ünüvar

Ankara University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar, in his video message on the subject, stated that the fight against Kovid-19 has been fought worldwide for about a year, and said, “They will contribute to this struggle as ‘Kovid-19 detector dogs’. It is a very important project implemented in only a few countries in the world. we think we will be stronger. ” used the expressions.