YouTube unveiled a new application services in Turkey!

Turkey’s YouTube Kids introductory meeting; Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), Information Technology and the Internet Security Association (BTİD) and was carried out online with the participation of Turkey in Google officials.

YouTube Kids provides parents with easy-to-use control tools to customize their children’s digital experience, making it safer for children to enjoy, explore and learn in the digital world and support them with local content. Developed for children under the age of 13, YouTube Kids stands out as a video streaming platform that is a separate website from YouTube and a separate mobile application for Android and IOS devices.

YouTube Kids’ content pool is categorized by age group as under 4, 5-7, and 8-12. Children’s digital applications that support the acquisition of healthy habits, children familiar Cute Friends in Turkey, King Shakir, such as Pepe and Nilo local and culturally sensitive and meet with families and relevant content. You can reach YouTube Kids in Turkish from the Google Play Store and App Store application stores or from the web browser “”.

“It is extremely important to protect our children from the effects of harmful content.”

In his speech at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan stated that children and young people are the main beneficiaries of the internet and related digital technologies and said, “When we look at the researches, we see that 1 out of every 3 internet users on a global scale is under the age of 18. Information technologies and the internet. Being so easily accessible can create some negative effects especially on children and young people if it is not used consciously. We all have very important duties to minimize these effects. ” said.

Emphasizing that protecting children in the internet environment also means protecting their digital privacy, Sayan continued his words as follows:

“Protection of our children from the effects of harmful content is extremely important for their healthy development. This situation has been understood more clearly during the pandemic process we are in. With the intense use of social media, we have started to face many more risks in the cyber world. risk headings are situations that can be encountered in real life.

Therefore, just as we strive and set rules to protect our children from all these dangers in real life, we can learn to use the internet consciously, safely and effectively, and we can minimize the risks of the virtual world by teaching children this. While protecting our children, our future, from possible online threats, each of us has separate responsibilities. YouTube Kids is one of the best examples, which I believe is important for applications that provide opportunities and options for our children to benefit them, and that helped us come together. “

BTK President Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu stated that the control of parents is getting harder due to the increasing amount of time children spend in front of the screen. Stating that this situation brings risks and dangers with it, Karagözoğlu said, “The possibility of access to children by the content produced by malicious people increases. At this point, technology companies, social media platforms, video sharing sites and digital game companies also protect children according to the current situation as well as the measures to be taken by the state institutions. They need to develop new measures and enable children to report easily any negative content they are exposed to. ” he spoke.

Underlining that parents should have information about the protection of both their own and their children’s safety in the internet environment, Karagözoğlu said, “Gaming habits should be controlled by parents and restrictions should be placed. As an institution, the online environment should be better for everyone living in our country in terms of both content and security. On this occasion, I would like to know that we support this step taken with YouTube in order to make our country’s children experience the internet better, and that we always stand by YouTube in similar activities. ” used the expressions.

“We believe it will provide safe family fun”

BTİDER President Ömer Faruk Sorgun said that they made their best efforts to popularize the secure internet service offered by BTK. Sorgun, “The security service provided by the BTK has classified over 12 million domain names over the past 9 years since its inception, and has made a result by evaluating the notices from our citizens. Those who call freedom on the internet should also prioritize the concept of respect on the internet.” said.

Google Turkey Public Relations Director Pelin stating that they meet with the children of the North in YouTube Kids colorful world, “YouTube Kids app, to consume what children’s content children of all ages as well as with various parental controls are parents and children for a long time in Turkey we believe will provide a more secure family entertainment they expect . ” used the expressions.

To improve child safety in the digital platform, internet access disadvantaged children conscious, a new order to increase their awareness about the safe use and effective internet training program of the North who said that they implement, “Turkey’s will be attending the 20 city ‘roadshow’ with btider Secure Internet Truck of ‘ It is aimed to reach 200 thousand children and 2 thousand teachers and parents.

As part of the 24-month program, our children, parents and teachers will be trained on online safety tips, risks and opportunities in digital platforms. Within the framework of this training program, a donation of 250 thousand dollars is provided to BTIDER by “We hope to share the positive results of this program with you in the future.”