Youtube content can be dangerous for children

Thursday, May 13, 2021 – 16:54 | Last Updated: 13 05 2021 – 16:54

Social media channels, which have become an integral part of our lives with technology, attract great attention from children. Indicating that children use the Youtube platform the most, experts draw attention to the fact that edited Youtube content contains many emotions. According to experts, exposure to emotions such as violence, fear, and narcissism emanating from these contents can pose a danger both psychologically and in terms of personality development.

Assoc. Dr. Aylin Tutgun Ünal made evaluations on YouTube usage habits in children.

Youtube is most preferred by the Z generation

Noting that the YouTube platform is mostly preferred by the youngest generation worldwide, Assoc. Dr. Faculty Member Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “For example, Youtube in Sweden is the most popular site by the Z generation between the ages of 9-18. In the UK, it is stated that 81% of children aged 8-11 use Youtube. ” said.

We rise in social media usage

Noting that the situation is not different in our country when using Youtube, Assoc. Dr. Faculty Member Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “When we consider the generation Z in two stages in our social media generations studies, it is revealed that the high school students use Instagram, the second level of primary school and the Youtube platform of the lower age group. However, our worldwide ranking in internet and social media usage is reported to be on the rise recently. Accordingly, it is stated that we are in the 12th place on the internet and 14th in the use of social media (“We are Social”, 2021). he spoke.

They can be very impressed by the game videos

Stating that there are many emotions in the infrastructure of the videos edited / edited by the one who circulates and shares on Youtube, Assoc. Dr. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said the following:

“Exposure of children to emotions such as violence, fear, and narcissism spread by images that are aesthetized, in other words, can pose a danger both psychologically and in terms of their personality development. The most obvious example of this is children who commit suicide by watching videos of games or game comments. The spread of feelings such as violence, fear, aggression and anger, which underlie the attraction of the game, to child users and thus, from child to child, increases the size of the danger.

Watch out for videos that contain negative emotions

On the other hand, he noted that emotions have the power to propagate in online networks, and especially negative emotions are known to spread faster and more widely, Assoc. Dr. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “This points to the big problems caused by the circulation of videos that affect children and contain negative emotions on Youtube, which is frequently used by the Z generation. Families of young children, especially those who watch play videos, need to be careful. ” warned.

Social media literacy skills should be acquired

Emphasizing the importance of raising awareness in the use of social media, Assoc. Dr. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “When it comes to a certain level, instead of restricting social media with external intervention, gaining social media literacy skills within the scope of awareness-raising activities can bring results in the long run. In this regard, it will be beneficial in the digital age to include social media literacy as a lesson in the school curriculum within the framework of a certain plan and to organize seminars for parents as of primary school. ” said.