Xiaomi began production at its factory in Turkey

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan said, “We expect Xiaomi to invest in our country not only in the field of production, but also in the field of R&D.” said.

The factory of the technology company Xiaomi and its partner Salcomp, which has an annual production capacity of 5 million smartphones, was opened in Istanbul Avcılar.

Deputy Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure who attended the opening Sayan, in his speech at the ceremony, said that the Xiaomimi venture in Turkey is very valuable.

Sayan said, “We will be pleased that we witness the annual production of 5 million mobile phones in this facility, and at the same time, 2 thousand people will be employed. We expect Xiaomi to invest in our country not only in the field of production but also in the field of R&D. ” he spoke.

Stating that with the pandemic, multinational companies have the disadvantages of sticking to a single supplier in production, Sayan continued as follows:

“For this reason, multinational companies in the global economy are now heading towards new and alternative production locations. We can foresee that there may be a balanced distribution in the world geography, especially in terms of production. It is necessary to make good use of these opportunities. Our country’s legislative infrastructure provides facilities for technology companies in the development, production and introduction of electronic communication devices to the market. “

“Get more from your competency in R & D and procurement process in Turkey”

Said Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology in Turkey Mehmet Fatih How many years will be 12 million mobile phones sold them domestically produced little of.

Kaçır continued as follows:

“As a result of the steps we have taken, as a result of the completion of domestic and foreign investments by 2021, mobile phone production capacity will have exceeded 10 million units. The Kovid-19 outbreak will be the beginning of a period in which global supply chains are restructured all over the world. turning to creation. our strong manufacturing capabilities, young and highly skilled work force and that makes it inevitable that one of the rising production base in the period of our unique position in Turkey with. are engaged in manufacturing in Turkey, exporting to the world from Turkey were ever in the long run always winning. From now it is happening like this.

Xiaomi and they Salcomp company to rely on Turkey and I thank you again for having accomplished this investment. I want to call them; I think the opening we have realized today is the first step of your long-term investments. In the coming period will increase capacity to Turkey will make a much higher level and I hope that a strong export base. At the same time the R & D and procurement processes in your competence, I say take advantage of Turkey’s much more in the coming period. only to be limited by mobile phone in Turkey, I hope you will take advantage of the productive forces of our country but also in other electronic products. “

“I believe that Xiaomi can also carry its R&D activities to our country”

Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) President Omar Abdullah Karagözoğlu while information and communication technology sector, said that among the most attractive investment areas in terms of international investments in Turkey.

Karagozoglu, transferring the continued growth of the information and communication sector, despite the epidemic, “Xiaomimi’s also this sense of presence in the production choices and investing in Turkey is very pleasing. We care about the contribution will provide employment. Mobile phone usage in the forefront in Turkey is located in Europe ‘because of the making to invest to extend our thanks to Xiaomimi other international companies also are invited to invest in Turkey. in the later stages Xiaomimi in R & D activities in addition to the production facilities I believe you will carry our country. ” He spoke in the form.

“Xiaomi, Salcomp and Turkish industry will win together”

Presidential Investment Office of the Vice President Furkan Karayaka, said Xiaomi and Salcomp, as many companies in the long term, prefer Turkey to achieve the goals, “Mobile phone major incentive decisions in recent years for the production filed by Presidential decrees. Xiaomi and Salcomp’s realized that this investment with Xiaomi Salcomp and Turkish industry will win together. ” said.

“We thank you also like us to embrace the Xiaomi in Turkey”

Ronnie Wang, President of the Middle East of Xiaomi, said that their top priority as Xiaomi is making the most up-to-date technologies available to users around the world at fair prices. Explaining that with this mission, they have built their basic strategies on the combination of smartphones and artificial intelligence-supported internet of objects, Wang said:

“This strategy is a broader version of our 5G and AI-powered Internet of Things work, in which we plan to invest $ 7 billion in the next 5 years. With this new strategy, we will maintain our leadership in the areas we are in. According to the last quarter reports of the first 5 phones in 54 countries. In general, we are the number 3 smartphone brand in the world.We connect 289.5 million devices with the Internet of Things platform.In 2020, we grew by 19.4 percent and had more working opportunities for our users. we thank lovers embracing Xiaomi also in Turkey. Our investment in this country will continue with the support of the state of Turkey. “

“We will produce our Redmi 9C model in this factory”

The Xiaomi Turkey Country Director Vincent Chang saw the key tasks for themselves by becoming a local partner in Turkey than the start of production in this market, he said they were very happy.

Chang said, “We are very proud that we will provide employment opportunities by creating added value in this country. Our goal is to create a job area for 2 thousand people in white and blue collar and to produce 5 million smartphones for this year. . we provide all the services to bring Turkey’s four corners Mir we aim to deliver the number of our store at 100. we are very grateful to the ministry lent their support since the beginning of the process. in the same way since 2019. us our user into one of the most popular phone brands in Turkey We also thank you. ” He spoke in the form.

“We will increase the added value of 200 million dollars to be created in the first year with this factory every year”

Salcomp Senior Vice President of Travel Xue while they were building the latest technology production lines by rebuilding the factory is idle with Xiaomi, said: “This resort is for Xiaomi smartphones are trying to bring a regional production center. Our global expertise based on years result in Turkey we also believe we will achieve great things. at first we provide, including our training for our personnel services to make better quality we strive every day more. this factory will be created the first year to $ 200 million added value will increase each year. Turkey’s leading phone brand as Xiaomimi in Turkey his journey will continue with new investments without slowing down. ” used the expressions.