‘World’s most valuable brand’ Apple left 45 years behind

According to the information compiled by the AA reporter, Apple, founded in the USA by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, started its adventure with the Apple-1, the first computer produced in Jobs’ garage.

After Apple-1, which was among the first personal computers, the company pioneered radical changes in the computer industry with the technology it offered with its Apple-2 computer.

Having realized sales of 7.8 million dollars in 1978, the company increased its sales in a short time and realized sales of 117 million dollars in 1980. Entering the world of technology with computer production, the company has also developed different products over time.

Today, Apple, which manufactures in many fields such as smartphones, computers, smart watches, headphones, is the world’s most valuable brand with a brand value of 263.4 billion dollars, according to the “World’s 500 Most Valuable Brands – Global 500-2021” research by Brand Finance. is the most valuable brand. The company, which ranked third with $ 141 billion last year, increased its value by more than $ 122 billion this year, taking its place at the top of the list of most valuable brands.

Apple on the list; Amazon with a brand value of approximately $ 254.2 billion, Google with $ 191.2 billion and Microsoft with $ 140.4 billion, respectively.

IPhone ranks first in top revenue items

Among the products offered by Apple to users; There are various products such as laptop and desktop computers (Mac and MacBook models), tablet (iPad), phone (iPhone), smart watch (Apple Watch), headphones (AirPods) and smart television platform (Apple TV).

The company offers its products to its users with its own software ecosystem. In this way, it provides its users with a faster and smoother experience compared to other platforms.

Reaching high sales figures in every product range it produces, the company achieves the highest revenue through its smart phone. Apple, the highest revenue in the last quarter of last year, respectively; It provided it with iPhone (40.9 percent), services (22.5 percent), Mac (14 percent), wearables and accessories (12.2 percent), and iPad (10.5 percent).

The fact that the company, which started its journey with computer production, ranks high in revenue items, smart phones and services, revealing that Apple plays an active role in all areas of technology.

Users spent $ 21.4 billion on the App Store

According to data from the international data company IDC, Apple, which sold 90.1 million smartphones in the last quarter of last year, surpassed Samsung in the ranking of the smartphone manufacturer with the highest sales in the world. Apple increased its sales 22 percent in the last quarter, while its market share was 23.4 percent. Apple had launched the iPhone 12 during that period.

The services of the company also have an important place among the revenue items. Apple’s app store App Store contains 1.82 million available apps, according to last year’s data. There are 2.7 million applications on the rival Google Play. Although Google Play is ahead in the number of applications, in the last quarter of 2020, 10.4 billion dollars were spent on Google Play, while the spending on mobile applications in the App Store was at the level of 21.4 billion dollars.

Apple also has macOS for its computers on the operating system side, and an iOS operating system for mobile products (smartphones and tablets). According to data from Ireland-based analytics company Statcounter, when desktop and mobile operating systems are included as of February 2021, iOS has a market share of 16.51 percent and macOS 7.13 percent.

According to various international sources, Apple plans to increase its effectiveness in technology with production in different areas such as cars with autonomous driving technology.