World’s coldest cloud cluster detected

The results of the study published in the journal “Geophysical Research Letters” and conducted by the UK National Ground Observation Center, the world’s coldest cloud cluster was detected on the Pacific Ocean.

The temperature of the cloud was measured at 111.2 degrees below zero on December 28, 2018 using the infrared temperature sensors of the US environmental observation satellite NOAA-20.

In the study, which stated that violent storms and tropical tornadoes reach up to 18 kilometers in height and push the cloud cluster upwards under normal conditions, it was recorded that the coldest cloud mentioned was about 30 degrees colder than normal storm clouds.

Cold weather has become more common with cold clusters

Simon Proud, the leader of the team conducting the study from the UK National Ground Observation Center, pointed out that the number of extreme cold weather records in the clouds in the last 3 years is that cold weather is becoming more and more common with the cold cloud clusters.

Proud said they are trying to find out whether this prevalence, which has increased in recent years, is due to the “perfect storm” created by extreme thunderstorms caused by climate change or weather conditions.