Women’s signature in the Kovid-19 vaccine, which ended in animal experiments

Head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Boğaziçi University Prof. Dr. Nesrin Özören continues her work with her team to develop a vaccine against a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).

TUBITAK in Turkey was created in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Technology Kovid-19 vaccine working in one of the working group of Prof. Dr. Özören has been working to develop vaccines with a team of 15 since April 2020. Özören and her team, who are about to complete the animal test phase in vaccination studies, are counting the days to move their work to the next stage with new funds.

Answering the questions of AA correspondent on February 11, “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”, Prof. Dr. Özören, he was born in Bulgaria, there are difficult times they live with the effects of assimilation policies and his family said they took refuge in Turkey.

He noted that after completing his high school education there, he graduated from Boğaziçi University Department of Biology, completed his doctorate at Pennsylvania University and post doctorate at Michigan University, and returned to Boğaziçi University after 9 years of experience in the USA.

Özören stated that after returning to the university, he continued to work with his research team.

patented in the world’s fourth, Turkey’s first and the inventive single biotechnology “microsphere” technology of the present vaccine studies of work carried out on that paved the way for expressing Özören, each working on the basic sciences, noted 50 years later, could pave the way for further studies.

“We are ready for 10 years”

Prof. Dr. Özören, biotechnology of the current vaccine trials efforts to patents received in the area in the form of infrastructure, stressing “we are ready for 10 years today vaccine studies. We did not like our invention from 2010 to 2011 in biotechnology field, we applied for a patent in 2012, we received the registration in 2014, Turkey. 10 years we ponder and work on this subject, which are processes based on the scientific knowledge of the previous decade. said.

Turkey’s bacteria, viruses, while Özören that expressed the need for vaccines and drugs against parasitic centers, was recalled 1.5 million pounds of funding to get projects approved in April 2020.

Özören, giving information about the experiments, said, “We are about to finish animal experiments right now. Everything is going positive. Now the promises given to us are positive. As long as the rat experiments are good, we will provide you with these funds.” We also trust our state. I hope that by passing this process, we will create a positive path. ” said.

Prof. Dr. Reminding that women work intensively in the field of biology, undergraduate students’ families are directing their sons to engineering or medicine where they can earn money due to economic concerns, Özören added that this is actually a loss for the country, and that the most creative minds should come to basic sciences.