With a month’s mobilization, Turkey should reach the world championship.

Turkish Intensive Care Association President Prof. Dr. İsmail Cinel evaluated the coronavirus figures after 17 days of complete closure and emphasized the importance of vaccination. Prof. Dr. Cinel pointed out that the number of cases decreased by 80 percent and the number of intensive care patients decreased by 22.5 percent, and that the downward trend continues, emphasizing that a record level of vaccination should be made in a 1-month period with the vaccination campaign.


Turkish Intensive Care Association President Prof. Dr. İsmail Cinel pointed out that an average of 60 thousand cases were seen in the one week period between 12-18 April and said, “As of last week, this has decreased by 80 percent. The 80 percent reduction between May 10-16 is a very good thing in terms of cases, but there is another very important detail; The reflection of this in intensive care units may be related to the number of serious patients. The decrease in the number of serious patients last week, that is, the decrease compared to the peak, was at the level of 22.5 percent, and 22.5 percent is actually not enough. This looks very clear and straightforward. The decreasing trend continues, as the number of cases decreases, the occupancy rates of some of our patients and intensive care units will continue to decrease, even if the duration of stay in intensive care is long.


Prof. Dr. Stating that there is a very serious need for intensive care in non-coronavirus diseases, Cinel said that the number of intensive care patients with COVID should fall below 1,500,

“With vaccines coming in at the end of May until the 15th of June, Turkey needs a world record in vaccination. When we do this, we will only be relieved by immunization in the 70s and 80s. So we have to test well in gradual normalization. A 1-1.5 month in which we will act with this awareness is waiting for us. First, we see the number of cases and then the reflection in intensive care. In intensive care, it will go down for at least the next 10-15 days, this seems. But 22.5 percent should come to 50 percent as soon as possible. We saw the summit with 3,500 seriously ill patients, around April 25. We have to come down to it and go down to the figures of one thousand 500s. Non-Covid patients also have very serious intensive care needs, very serious surgical requirements. I think those postponed surgeries will be more intense during this period. In fact, intensive care will continue to be full. However, the number of covid in intensive care units and the number of our covid-related intensive care units should decrease a little “


Noting that there was little interest in vaccination during Ramadan, Cinel said:

“We are entering a very important period in which we have to do the vaccination collectively in a short time. In other words, there are future vaccines for us to relax in July, August and September. Turkey’s vaccination capacity is a good capacity, as long as there is a vaccine. We did not spend the month of Ramadan very well in terms of vaccination. The citizen’s interest was not much. But I think vaccination will be carried out in a short time with the arrival of vaccines in this period and the rapid decrease in age groups. When the intensive care occupancy rates in hospitals reach a certain number, we can feel more comfortable when they decrease. Citizens can monitor the number of seriously ill patients every day. We want these numbers to come to thousands, we want them to come down. Then we can have peace of mind. Citizens can monitor vaccination rates, how old are they vaccinated; now the age of 55 has dropped to 50, dropped to 45, dropped to 40. As long as this age comes down to the 20s and 25s, our progress is good, there is a place in hospitals in that sense, we can live closer to normal because the burden on the health system has been reduced.


Prof. Dr. Cinel said, “When I look from the intensive care perspective, even if you are given a single dose, you fall into intensive care less. Even if you are given a single dose, your organ functions are not very bad. Even if you fall into intensive care, you go through it relatively lightly, you respond well to treatment. So until the end of June, you know, 2 weeks after vaccination, immunity is sitting in the body. Turkey should reach the world championship record with a large vaccination campaign in a full 1-month period until June 15. Is this achievable? It is really accessible, as long as the vaccine comes, there is no problem with the vaccine supply, the rest is very easy. ”