What is TTiMoT? What does Türk Telekom Innovation Center Automation Tool do?

Sunday, June 20, 2021 – 17:48 | Last Updated : 20 06 2021 – 17:49

The domestic and national test automation platform ‘TTiMoT’ started to automatically test end-user terminals at international standards without human intervention. Thanks to the platform, Türk Telekom fully automated and centrally manages the test processes of the customer terminals used and planned to be used in its infrastructure; It also provides significant gains with time savings of up to 15 times, workforce and service quality.

Türk Telekom continues its efforts to develop domestic and national technology products. In this context, Türk Telekom implemented the ‘Türk Telekom Innovation Center Automation Tool’ (TTiMoT), which has completely domestic software and hardware, together with Pnetworks information technologies company, which specializes in the design and production of software and hardware-oriented products and solutions in the fields of network switching, routing, and security. spent. With TTiMoT, end-user terminals are automatically tested at international standards, without human touch.


Türk Telekom, which has subjected all its products, especially broadband modems, to comprehensive tests in terms of customer satisfaction and compliance with the infrastructure, provides time savings, workforce and service quality up to 15 times with TTiMoT. Offering products, services and solutions that will facilitate the digital transformation of businesses, Türk Telekom implements the TTiMoT platform and the test automation system provided by international test equipment and automation companies, with domestic companies. Thus, while providing great added value to the country’s economy, it also increases the capabilities of domestic companies.


Türk Telekom Network Architecture and Quality Assurance Director Emel Uzun Subas made the following assessment on the subject:

“As Türk Telekom, we have put our focus on domestic products and projects into practice in the testing field, especially in recent years. In this direction, we have implemented the domestic test automation platform TTiMoT, with our long-standing know-how. With TTiMoT, which has domestic software and hardware developed in cooperation with Pnetworks, we have achieved great gains in terms of time, workforce and test quality in our own testing processes. As Türk Telekom, we conduct extensive tests on customer satisfaction and infrastructure compatibility of our products. For example; Our modem tests, which ended in 15 days in 3 different infrastructures, with TTiMoT in 1 day; Our broadband access system tests, which lasted approximately 7 days, can now be completed within hours. As Türk Telekom, we will continue to be the developer of Turkey’s domestic and national technologies.”