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In recent weeks, we met an application that attracted the attention of the whole world. That is the Clubhouse platform. Well What is a clubhouse? If you ask; We can say that it is an interesting and surprising social media application. However, this application has some distinctive features. The application consists of audio rooms where various discussions and conversations take place. So forget about posting and sharing stories like standard social media sites.

The point that makes the application different is not limited to this. ClubhoseYou cannot download and register directly to. This system works by invitation. Although this situation limits the potential of the user, it is viewed positively by many segments. We can say that the user base of the application, which increases its popularity day by day, is growing day by day.

From users What is a clubhouse? Next to the question, how to download the question comes frequently. FROM HERE You can use it by downloading. There is another interesting point about the platform. He is the Elon Musk factor. Musk, chosen as the richest man in the world, often mentions the Clubhouse platform on the social media platform Twitter. We can say that Musk, whose famous artists and friends continue to practice this application, has a great role in increasing the popularity of the platform.

It is said that the Clubhouse application has already received millions of dollars of investment. However, the platform is banned in China. As you know, China’s attitude towards social media websites is quite strict. They developed their own platforms to keep all control. The name of this platform is also famous Weibo known as the platform. In addition to the Clubhouse application, many other systems are banned in the country. Even as a search engine, it has its own search engines instead of Google Baiduthey use.

How Interest Rates Clubhouse was in Turkey?

The platform is actually not that new. Founded 1 year ago Clubhouse We can say that it has just started to be recognized in our country. So how much attention did it get? If you ask; We can say that tens of thousands of people are currently using this application.

The system continues to be improved day by day. In addition to this, the fact that the application, which is also the subject of the news, consists of a voice chat system, “I wonder if it is recorded?” brings the question. However, the company gives very clear answers on this issue and they state that there is absolutely no such thing.

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