What is a clubhouse, what is it for? How to delete Clubhouse account? Clubhouse acknowledged the gap in practice!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 – 14:33 | Last Updated: 23 02 2021 – 14:33

If you received an invitation to a clubhouse, think again. Recently, popular application Clubhouse made a statement about the deficit, which can be described as a scandal. With the statement made by the Clubhouse, it was revealed that the conversations in the Clubhouse application could be published on another site. So what is Clubhouse, what is it for? How to delete Clubhouse account? What’s open in clubhouse practice? Here are those who are curious about Clubhouse …

A scandalous deficit has been detected in the popular voicemail social media application Clubhouse. While many people were searching for the Clubhouse invitation recently, a statement came from Clubhouse about the popular application.

Clubhouse acknowledged a vulnerability to allow conversations in the app to be posted on another site. Clubhouse, which is frequently preferred because the conversations are not recorded in the chat rooms, caused anxiety.

The application where users listen and speak by entering the chat rooms, the calls are not recorded and the conversations need to be listened to live.


But US cybersecurity researchers have revealed that a user can broadcast conversations in chat rooms on another site.

Clubhouse, which accepted this deficit, announced that they closed the account of the user in question and took new measures to prevent this from happening again.


The Stanford University Internet Observatory first noticed the incident. David Thiel, head of Clubhouse’s technology unit after the observatory’s announcement, said that this was not a hacking or a vulnerability, but a user’s breach of the user agreement.


Working with the invitation system, the clubhouse is the most popular application of the last days. Club house Alpha Exploration Co., which can only be used by iOS users with the invitation system. It is a social network platform developed by the software company that allows interaction via voice chat rooms. At the same time, receiving an invitation from a user using the application is among the conditions of being a member.


The Clubhouse application provides voice interaction to its users through chat rooms.

In the chat rooms set up according to the topic, users can join the conversation if they get permission from the chat manager, or they can join the conversation only as a listener.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, there is no text messaging, video talk, post or photo sharing in the Clubhouse application.

The application is currently only available for iOS users.


In order to perform the transaction, a connection must be established from the phone or computer with the address https://app.clubhouse.io Then, log in to the account, click on the profile on the upper left and enter the settings menu. Click Delete Account in the settings. Confirm the next notification. Your account will be deleted after the approval process.