What is 5 G, what does it do? What are the 5G damages? 5G technology eliminates the damages, look what!

In the technology age we are in, we live an integrated life with many electronic devices that make our daily life easier, especially mobile phones. As education continued online during the pandemic period, the use of tablets and mobile phones increased, especially among young people and children. These frequently used devices can cause various effects, especially radiation, that may not be noticed but may be harmful to health. The fact that 5G technology will become widespread in the GSM industry in the near future makes the situation more complicated.


The technology that started with 1G in mobile phones continues with 4.5G. The issue that has been on the agenda lately is 5G technology, which is faster than 4.5G. 5G is not just about communication speed or speed on the internet. It is a 5th generation technology and means the communication of objects with each other. Thanks to 5G, programs downloaded in tens of minutes can be downloaded in 10 seconds. Devices in cars, roads, factories, homes and workplaces will be able to communicate with each other. This frequency range will now jump from megahertz to gigahertz. Internet speed will increase 100 times compared to 4.5G. This technology can also be called millimeter wave system. Due to very high frequencies, the wavelength will decrease from kilometers to millimeters. The old base stations with a coverage area of ​​1.5 km will be replaced by 5G base stations installed 100 meters apart. This indicates that every home and living being will be exposed to EMD radiation of 5G more frequently. The exposure value of each country is different and depending on the frequency value used, the exposure limit value of our country is 12.3 V / m.


A study conducted at Bezmialem Vakıf University in Turkey revealed that practical solutions such as 5Guard reduce the harm that electromagnetic waves can cause human beings.

Bezmialem Vakif University Radiation Oncology Department Head Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Mayadağlı said that 5G fifth generation technology will contribute to every aspect of our lives and instantly. On the other hand, Bezmialem Vakıf University Department of Brain and Nerve Surgery Faculty Member Assoc. Mehmet Hakan Seyithanoğlu stated that it should not be forgotten that 5G technology, which provides very serious technological benefits, also brings risks and that protection methods should be known as communication will be provided at very high frequencies.

The research conducted by Turkish scientists was also published in a SCI-supported journal in Europe. Radiation Oncology Medical Radiophysics Specialist Ali Hikmet Eriş from Bezmialem Vakıf University summarized their research and results as follows;


“We conducted a research on mice in the 900MHz band of cellular phone frequency. We applied the electromagnetic waves we gave to the mice for a certain period of time. The blood samples taken at the end of the procedure were examined biochemically in the laboratory and glutamate, serotonin and hydrogen peroxide levels were determined. We also observed that thermal cameras create a significant heat effect in the brain during application. This shows us that technology brings great things, but it is also necessary to know how to protect from harmful effects. “


Radiophysicist Ali Hikmet Eriş stated that they also tested the 5Guard protection shield and different protectors on the market in their research. “Some companies have used nanotechnology to minimize these harmful effects and introduced many products, such as textiles, wall paints, cell phones protection shields, to the market. In our preliminary research with non-ionizing measuring devices at our university, we have seen that these devices reduce electromagnetic waves at a certain level. In addition, in the studies we conducted in the 5G laboratory of a GSM operator, we found that the shield products reduce the intensity of non-ionizing radiation. This was a pleasing development before the next fifth generation systems.


5Guard, which is among the products tested by Radiophysicist Eris and his research group, has passed the tests in the USA in the past. Tested and approved by CIEMS, the world’s leading laboratory in the USA, where it protects 99.8 percent from electromagnetic radiation, 5Guard provides EMR shielding efficiency up to 9,735Ghz in the frequency band including 5G. In addition, by preventing radiation in mobile phones and other mobile devices, the heating level of the device used decreases by 80 percent.