What are the features of THK’s Domestic Sports Aircraft Project Türkkuşu? Has national civil aircraft production started?

Cenap Aşcı, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK), stated that the test and certification studies of the two-seater domestic civilian aircraft produced by THK Aircraft Manufacturing AŞ were carried out, “We are waiting for buyers for the mass production of our aircraft.” said.

Aşcı gave information about the civilian aircraft produced by THK as part of the Domestic Sports Aircraft Project.

Stating that Turkey’s civil aircraft company THK Aircraft Manufacturing AŞ started its activities in 2011, Aşcı said that the company’s design, production, assembly, certification, maintenance and repair, spare parts supply of all types of fixed and rotary wing air platforms, and the supply of spare parts, are used in the world and the world. He said that it was established to market it to the Turkish market.

Aşcı stated that after the establishment of the company, he started to work on the production of domestic and national civil aircraft, and said:

“Within this scope, THK Aircraft Manufacturing Inc. started the production of our domestic civil aircraft for two people. The design, production, testing and certification of our civilian aircraft called Türkkuşu with a 100 hp underwing engine and ballistic parachute was carried out. It has the German Ultralight flight certificate in accordance with LTF-UL and all the necessary certificates from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.”


Noting that the fuselage of the aircraft was produced from composite (PRE-PREG carbon) material using the highest technology, Aşcı said, “Our aircraft has a light, durable fuselage that reduces fuel consumption, and a parachute system that will enable landing in emergency situations. Thanks to the special design of the landing gear, it has a light, durable fuselage that reduces fuel consumption. It is possible to land on runways with more than one option, such as asphalt and asphalt. With the digital display system used, it also provides faster access to more data.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that the plane also has a GPS system, Aşcı said, “Türkkuşu’s cruise speed is 275 kilometers per hour, its maximum speed is 380 kilometers per hour, its landing-take-off distance is 150 meters, its range is 1250 kilometers, and the average stay in the air is 5 hours. The aircraft has low fuel consumption and 95 octane unleaded gasoline is used. gave the information.


Aşcı stated that a rotax 912 ULS engine was used in the aircraft with plus 4G and minus 2G acceleration load, and reported that the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft was 472.5 kilograms and the maximum empty weight was 297 kilograms.

Stating that the usable fuel capacity of the plane is 66 liters, Aşcı said, “The pilot, who takes off from Ankara with a full tank, can make a round trip to Izmir.” said.

Emphasizing that Turkey’s civilian aircraft, produced with domestic means, is ready for use, Aşcı said, “We are waiting for buyers for the mass production of our aircraft. People who want to buy our aircraft, which is suitable for the masses, such as businessmen and young people engaged in air sports, can contact our institution.” he said.

Aşcı noted that they currently have two of the aircraft in question, but that they can be prepared and delivered if orders are received in bulk.