We rank 103rd among 170 countries in internet speed

Media monitoring agency Ajans Press examined the numbers of news reflected in the media related to the internet. According to the information compiled by Ajans Press from the digital press archive, it was determined that 164 thousand 883 news related to the internet were reflected in the media last year. The number of news reports about internet speed was 3 thousand 902. While the distance education model that came into our lives with the pandemic period increased the importance of the internet, it became even more valuable with the home office working system. While most things continue online in our country, the number of media coverage of 5G last year was 7 thousand 964. While social media was among the most used channels in our country, it managed to be on the agenda with 205 thousand 878 news.
According to the information obtained by Ajans Press from Speedtest data, the fixed broadband internet speeds of 170 countries have been determined. Thus, Turkey’s 30.51 (Mbps) with 103’ünc was seen as settled. The highest internet speed was seen in Singapore with 238.59 (Mbps), followed by Hong Kong with 231.70 (Mbps) and Thailand with 217.70 (Mbps) in the third place. The country at the bottom of the list with the lowest internet speed was determined as Turkmenistan with 2.77 (Mbps).