‘We develop our SİHAs with a completely national and original design’

AA | Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – 18:29 | Last Updated: 14 04 2021 – 18:29

Baykur Technology Leader Selcuk Bayraktar, “SOS, Turkey has included only in 4 countries. Turkey, the world leader in this field through the use of a wide range of successful veterans of our security forces.” said.

Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar said, “It would not be a problem for us that Canada’s S / UAVs cited the Karabakh Single Homeland Operation, which was literally written an epic, and that they did not sell a component / camera that we installed on our armament with the user’s choice. We develop our ‘s with a completely national and original design. ” used the expressions.

Bayraktar, in his post on his Twitter account, “We wrote the first note 6 months ago. Nothing has changed. It will not happen after 6 months. Probably, we will write again in 6 months.” found the assessment.

In a written statement titled “Informing about the recent embargo news / 2” Bayraktar said, “I think I should explain some points that are useful to know. S / UAV is actually a robot plane with nearly 40 computers. We develop it with a completely national and original design, from parts to components, from flight mission computer to software and hardware, from aerodynamics to mechanics. ” used the expressions.

“Failure to Canada to buy Turkey’s SIH to be a serious problem for them,”

Bayraktar stated that they proudly produce SİHAs with 93 percent local contribution at a level that can be considered as a record in the world.

“It is a set of systems that we export to many countries, the world press almost every day envy their success and raise the flag of our country to the highest level in high technology. a component called load helpful we attach to the user’s choice / not to buy the camera, produced and developed by the current resident of our country, both domestic and abroad even use presented which does not create any problems for us. in one of Lakin’s day, they do not sell the urgent need is Turkey’s Canada SIH to to be a serious problem. Because the world combat experience with SIH, Turkey, including just 4 countries. Turkey, through the use of a wide range of successful combat our security forces as world leader in this field. Aviation in advanced countries such as Canada, the grades we produce UAV ‘ However, a program they started to import there are.

Embargoes have existed for years, since we first started this business. But none of them could prevent us or turn us around. I told the above reasons, the national S / UAVs and Turkey can truly boast that our defense industry thriving ecosystem stronger every day. For us, it is today as it was yesterday … Nothing has changed. It will not happen after that! Our nation’s S / UAVs, which have successfully served in the sky for more than 300 thousand hours, will continue to fly for the safety of our country. Free and free in our heavens. #NationalTechnology Movement. “