‘We can develop technologies that will strengthen our space and aviation industry’

gave | Tuesday, February 16, 2021 – 12:27 | Last Updated: 16 02 2021 – 16:44

Speaking at the ‘UK Technology Week’ event, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “We can develop facilities and technologies that will strengthen our space and aviation industry, provide independent access to space, and increase our human resources.”

Minister Varank attended the ‘UK Technology Week’ event via video conference method. Minister Varank stated that with the pandemic, digitalization and technological transformation are on the agenda as never before. Minister Varank, noting that it is necessary to adapt to the conditions of the new period and to evaluate the opportunities it creates, “This event will be an important step for the further development and deepening of our relations in the new period. These agreements include $ 1.2 trillion in trade. Britain is one of our biggest trade and investment partners in terms of production and supply chains as well as its critical importance in the global economy. In particular, the Turkish automotive industry and white goods and “It is a very important market for the ready-to-wear industries.”


Ministers Varank, thanks to strong industrial infrastructure in the epidemic process of Turkey’s economy, noting that performs well, “1.2 percent compared to 2020, the International Monetary Fund estimates, JP According to Morgan, will complete growth positive 1.9 percent. The 2020 fourth quarter in the manufacturing industry production of the previous year, registering an increase of over 10 percent compared to the same quarter of the G-20 countries between vehicles summit Turkey. recent reforms of our agenda from law and economics to share with the public, Turkey is aiming to create an environment that makes it much more attractive for international investors . on the occasion of this meeting, all the investors I invite you to benefit from Turkey’s rising attraction of the new era. We as a ministry, provide every convenience with our Presidential Investment Office and we are ready to create the necessary environment, “he said.

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Minister Varank, noting that they closely follow the developments in the European Union (EU), said, “With the pandemic process, the EU has accelerated the studies of the New Industrial Strategy for the ecological and digital transformation of the industry. They see this as a tool of economic recovery. You know, the transformation of the industry and In order to prevent the production from shifting to third countries in the face of the cost of emission reduction activities, the EU is implementing 2 mechanisms; The first of these is the Border Carbon Regulation and the other is the Circular Economy Regulations. It can turn into an advantage. in this sense, the United Kingdom and Turkey, economy, science and strengthening cooperation in the field of technology, I think it is quite important to maintain our competitive position in the EU market. new growth story of the letter you have any with innovative policies, we are watching as Turkey z. For this purpose, within the scope of our 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy we announced, we are implementing one by one road maps that will enable us to make a breakthrough in value-added production and critical technologies. “We prepared our National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which will put our country’s studies in the field of artificial intelligence on a common ground between 2021-2025.”


Minister Varank stated that one of the areas where international cooperation is most intense is space and said:

“With the Space Program, which will be the roadmap of our country in space, we have revealed our 10-year vision and strategic goals in the field of space policies. It is essential to develop international cooperation in terms of the success and sustainability of the program. In this context, facilities and technologies that will strengthen our space and aviation industry and provide independent access to space. Similarly, we need to be vigilant in combating climate change. In this direction, we have accelerated our scientific activities in Antarctica since 2017. We have established our temporary science campus on the continent with the UK Polar Research Foundation and the Rothera Science Base. We started negotiations through TÜBİTAK in order to conduct joint studies. Our ultimate goal is to establish our permanent science base and become a consultant country. aci participates in research and development programs. Turkey has made the country more cooperation in this program 5th United Kingdom. “