‘We are the 7th country to develop Biometric Data Management System technology’

İsmail Demir, President of the Presidency Defense Industry, spoke at the “Biometric Data Management System-AFIS Introduction Meeting” held in a hotel with the participation of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

Stating that they have taken one of the most valuable steps in the 2023 vision drawn by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Demir drew attention to the importance of the project.

Demir stated that the project, which was initiated in 2019 and carried out within BİYOTEKSAN, which was established in partnership with HAVELSAN-Police Care and Assistance Fund (POLSAN) and completed in a short period of 1.5 years, is also a success of Turkish engineers. We are proud of being the 7th country to develop the Biometric Data Management System technology that the country has achieved. ” he spoke.

Demir pointed out that the experience of HAVELSAN, which was founded with the mission of reducing external dependency in technology about 40 years ago, played an important role in this success achieved in a short time and said, “Image processing technologies are an important and frequently used field in the field of defense. at the service of our country. ” found the assessment.

Demir stated that the Ministry of Interior is among the institutions with which they cooperate closely and this relationship will continue to increase.

“We must work in close coordination”

Noting that when it comes to defense, there is no longer just a hot conflict in the field, Demir continued as follows:

“Every area where technology is used heavily, the country’s software, data, communications, energy, border security, healthcare, safely storing our data, the area should be considered when Turkey’s defense security called for. Here too we have developed in the defense industry is in the service of our respective institutions of all kinds of technology and We would like to emphasize the necessity of working in close coordination. “

Demir informed that in the project, the first phase of which is “Qualified fingerprint recognition product”, the second phase “Unqualified, that is, on-scene fingerprint recognition product” will be completed in line with the determined schedule and offered to the service of user institutions.

Stating that a central biometric data system will provide an infrastructure that can serve all official institutions and private companies, Demir said, “The first product of the Biometric Data System Project, which was initiated to accelerate forensic examination, identification and authentication processes and to increase its reliability, is qualified fingerprint recognition system to our country, I wish good luck to our nation and to the Directorate General of Migration Management, who used the system for the first time. ” said.

Demir also thanked the Ministry of Internal Affairs officials and the managers and employees of HAVELSAN, POLSAN and BİYOTEKSAN who contributed to the study.