‘We aim to be a country that leads, not a follower’

Şaduman UNUTMAZ / ANKARA, (DHA) | Wednesday, May 19, 2021 – 10:58 | Last Updated: 19 05 2021 – 10:58

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “We aim to be a country that directs the world, not follows the world in new generation technologies such as electric mobility vehicles, digitalization, space and launch technologies, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems.”

Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology, attended the ‘Game Scenario Development Camp’ organized by the Informatics Valley Digital Animation and Game Production Center (DIGIAGE) via video conferencing method. Minister Varank stated that the most important stage of a game is to be able to translate the idea into a scenario and said, “To turn your idea into reality and to pass it on to others requires technical knowledge and equipment.

With this awareness, we established DIGIAGE within the Informatics Valley. With DIGIAGE, we aim to train human resources to produce original ideas, competitive scenarios and strong digital content that have been lacking for years in the cinema, animation and game industries. Our “Game Scenario Development” themed camp, which we organized for the fourth time this year, is an important step towards this goal.

Our youth show great interest in the camps we have organized twice physically and once online. As a result of the camps organized in the past years, many successful new ventures have emerged, for which we provide investment area and equipment support. Our two game studios, which were established after the camps, operate in the international market and our 27 studios operate in the informatics valley. This year, approximately 1350 participants applied to our event. In this 3-day event, participants will benefit from the training program exceeding 45 hours in total. A wide range of trainings will be given, from courses focused on playwright development to basic scriptwriting courses needed by the TV series industry. In addition, many valuable cinema, TV series and digital playwrights will share their experiences with conferences they will give, “he said.


Minister Varank pointed out that one of the areas that people turn to most in their homes during quarantine times is digital video games, “The world digital game industry, which has a size of 70 billion dollars in 2012, reached 159 billion dollars in 2020 with the effect of the pandemic. The Turkish game industry also has an important place in the global market. The acquisition of Peak Games for $ 1.8 billion and Rollic Games by US game company Zynga for $ 168 million was one of the most important developments of 2020. Approximately 90% of the games produced in Turkey are in the global game market. We are in the 18th place in the world game market.With its high young population, our country is also a very big market in itself.As of 2020, the number of players in Turkey is estimated to be 36 million and the sector’s revenue is 880 million dollars. A ‘Gaming Academy’ that will train qualified game developers together with an international technology company We will bring to life soon. “The graduates of this academy will have the competence and certificate to compete in the international arena.”


Minister Varank stated that the focus of the ‘2023 Industry and Technology Strategy’, which was prepared with the vision of the National Technology Move put forward by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is to move Turkey to a higher league in critical technologies.

“We define critical technologies as new generation technology areas that will lead to structural transformations in existing technologies. We aim to be a country that directs, not follows the world in new generation technologies such as electric mobility vehicles, digitalization, space and launch technologies, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. Young, dynamic.” and with our qualified human resources, we have the ability to quickly adapt to new generation technologies. Here is one of the most concrete examples of unmanned aerial vehicles. We have become one of the countries leading the technology in this field by taking the right steps at the right time. Now, our aim is to transfer this experience to other new generation technology areas.With this fact, we are about to complete our roadmaps on mobility vehicles, smart life and health technologies, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and 5G, which offer great opportunities for Turkey. Informatics Valley, which we opened in 019 and hosts today’s organization, undertakes a very important function in the realization of these road maps. “