Ways to use cheap internet! Pay less than 30 liras …

Internet usage in Turkey with the world average through the pandemic has reached 1 hour to 8 hours. Social media usage also exceeded the general average of 32 minutes and was 3 hours. The internet usage rate of people over the age of 65 has exceeded 27 percent. This rate was 20 percent in 2019. There has been a serious explosion in the use of fixed internet at home, especially due to the remote working and online education system. If you cannot choose the right package for the internet you will use as a family in this process, you may lose an average of 30 TL per month.

First of all, no matter how powerful packages you buy, you can use whatever the infrastructure of your home supports. In this process, as home use increased, many companies providing internet service entered the campaign race. If you are not satisfied with your existing internet at home or if you are going to move to a new house, it would be beneficial to take a look at the following campaigns of the service providers. First, you should consider these warnings before buying home internet.


TURKCELL Turkcell’s home internet has many options. ‘Fiber 100 Mbps Speed ​​Festival’ unlimited campaign starts from 129.90 TL, 200 Mbps package starts from 149.90 TL. The company’s ‘flying fiber’ campaign offers a speed of 1000 Mbps from 18:00 in the evening to 06:00 in the morning, and 99.90 TL without any limit. The price of this 35 Mbps package of the company, which also prepares a 3-month free super package special for Turkcell subscribers, is 109.90 TL. The 25 Mbps tariff of the Fiber Flexible Campaign is 59.90 TL. There is also a gift of 100 Mbps for the first month.

VODAFONE There is a 50 percent discount campaign for young people in the first 3 months. Accordingly, the unlimited package up to 24 Mbps is offered with prices starting from 51.48 TL for 12 months, 54.54 TL for 35 Mbps, 57.6 TL for 50 Mbps. In the special tariffs for postpaid customers, the so-called 24 Mbps speed for 24 months was determined as 75 TL for 6 months and 85 TL afterwards. The 35 Mbps package is 80 TL for 6 months, then 90 TL. All of these tariffs are offered free of charge for 12 to 24 months on Vodafone TV.

TÜRK TELEKOM Telekom has the first month free campaign for online application for unlimited fiber packages at 16, 24 and 35 Mbps. By canceling the internet subscription of other internet service providers, with the ‘Bizden Kampanyası’ Türk Telekom’s ‘Home Internet’ subscribers are also offered a 200 TL ‘Welcome Discount’. A total of 150 TL of installation service is provided free of charge. Unlimited package prices range between 89.90 and 109.90 TL.

MILLENICOM offers 35 Mbps download speed to 69.90 TL for the first 3 months and 84.90 TL for the remaining 9 months in its ‘fiber 35’ campaign with 12 months commitment. This service, which is unlimited and without quota, also has a non-committed one. Its price is 84.90 TL. The non-commitment ‘fiber 16’ campaign of the company was determined as 79.90 TL. Speed ​​up to 16 Mbps is offered in this unlimited option. The company makes the installation free of charge for customers passing through different operators.

TURKNET The company, which meets 120 TL of the commitment withdrawal fee for transfers from other operators, also gives the right of withdrawal for 1 month to those who are not satisfied with its services. The company is implementing a “one package, one price” system. Accordingly, speeds up to 100 Mbps are offered at 85 TL per month without quota and commitment. The company provides maximum download speeds of up to 35 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps in regions without active infrastructure.


Before choosing the home internet package, you need to check how much speed your home’s infrastructure supports.

For this control, all internet providers have an infrastructure query engine on their websites. Just write your home address here.

These companies instantly show many tariffs according to the power of your home as a result of the infrastructure query.

In other words, the infrastructure of your home is more important than the speed of the package you receive. Your package serves as much as your home speed. So even if you get a very high speed package, it doesn’t change anything.

How many people will use the internet in your home is important. You should buy packages suitable for the movies, videos you watch or download daily, and the duration of the game you play.

How many different devices to access the Internet at the same time is also important for package selection. You should turn to suitable packages according to the number of devices.