Voice analysis of phone scammers

ATK Forensic Informatics Specialization Department, which examines the digital evidence seized at the scene during the operations carried out by the security forces and the electronic devices belonging to the suspects sent from the courts, was viewed.

Contributing to the resolution of cases in many areas from image and sound analysis to password cracking, the department provides 6 sub-units under the name of Data Analysis, Sound and Image Investigation, Mobile Devices, Cryptology and Electronic Devices, R&D, Job Classification and Priority Bureau.

Evidence sent for examination by the investigation prosecutors’ offices and courts is transferred to the relevant unit after being classified by the Job Classification and Priority Bureau.


In cases of telephone fraud, which is frequently encountered in Turkey and puts citizens in a difficult situation, the audio recordings sent by the judicial authorities are handled by the Audio and Video Investigation Branch.

The voice of the suspect, who was decided to be examined by the institution with a court decision, is also analyzed in this unit. The person who is taken to the Voice Recording Room answers the questions of the officials and his voice is recorded on the computer.

While paying attention to whether the person has consciously changed his voice, the voice recording is listened by experts by wearing soundproof headphones. Experts compare the voice sent from the judicial authorities with the voice recording taken from the suspect, and give a score between +4 and -4 in terms of similarity. After this process, the report, which is prepared by specifying the similarity level of the voice, is sent to the relevant authorities.

Comparisons can be made from low resolution photos.

In the photo comparison, if the suspect is directed to ATK, his photo is taken within the framework of certain rules. The unit improves low-resolution videos and low-quality photos such as security cameras through special programs, compares the suspect’s photos, if any, with the data at hand, and prepares a report.

İsmail Eren, Audio and Visual Inspection Specialist working in the unit, demonstrated these processes in practice for the AA team through the sound and photograph of a staff member in the institution.


Answering the questions of the AA correspondent, Timur Kaan Gündüz, Head of the Forensic Informatics Specialization Department, stated that electronic evidence obtained from all kinds of devices containing data such as computers, laptops and telephones was examined and that the report was sent to the courts or prosecutors’ offices.

Gündüz stated that digital materials that were tried to be destroyed by the suspects by breaking, throwing into water or burning during a forensic operation were also examined and said, “The evidences rarely come to us in good conditions. We do data recovery and repair as much as we can. They are repeatable and scientific. We are trying to obtain evidence by methods.” used the phrases.

Gündüz stated that the applications such as ByLock, which are used by terrorist organizations among themselves, are also examined by these units.

Noting that investigations were also carried out on child pornography crimes in the flat, Gündüz said:

“Child pornography is one of the most important problems in the world. There has been an increase in this regard due to the fact that children are closed at home and close to suspects due to the coronavirus. We are investigating these cases directly. This is one of the rare laboratories authorized to investigate. There are international posts about it. Joint “We share information through databases. There is a scale method that we have developed ourselves. In fact, we try to help the courts and prosecution offices. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the images that upset us so much even when we are watching, but at least we try to contribute to the arrest and punishment of the suspects.”


Gündüz said that the exact copies of the evidence sent to the unit from the courts and prosecutor’s offices were taken during the examination, and that the evidences, whose examination was completed, were kept in the server room of the unit until the destruction order was received.

Noting that R&D departments operate on the development of software and hardware in the field of forensic informatics, Gündüz said, “We are developing audio and image analysis software for face comparison. We design systems that can automatically examine large numbers of evidence, independently of people. All we do is this department, actually forensic science.” on the further development of informatics. It is a pleasure and an honor to do this here.” used the phrases.