Visit from Minister Varank to Turkish home appliances manufacturer

Varank stated that small household appliances are growing rapidly both in the world and in Turkey, and that the company attaches importance to the indigenization of these products, that there is significant import from the Far East in the sector, and that the company is making an important effort to localize these products.

Expressing that the company operates with a very efficient production model thanks to the automation technologies developed in-house, Varank continued his words as follows:

“Sinbo owns approximately 20 percent of the Turkish market in terms of units. Besides, it contributes to the country’s economy with exports of 20 million dollars last year. Our company, which employs approximately 700 people, has a large ecosystem with its suppliers. A wide range of support to develop value-added production in our country. We will continue to give our best support to localize equipment and parts that are not currently produced in Turkey in the field of small household appliances and to strengthen our brands. We want to make Sinbo more known in the world as it is in Turkey. “

Varank, stating that they give these support to all manufacturers in the sector, said, “Just as we are the number one in Europe and the number two in the world in white goods, there is no obstacle for us to achieve this in small household appliances. We will achieve this with our entrepreneurs and manufacturers.” he spoke.

“Now the appetite for investment is higher than ever”

Minister Varank, noting that there have been great changes in supply chains in the world especially during the epidemic process, “The West is looking for new and reliable partners in production. Turkey is one of the biggest candidates with its production infrastructure, geopolitical position and production success in the epidemic. When we compare it with the Far East. We have great advantages. ” found in the description.

Expressing that they are making preparations to make Turkey a production base in the post-epidemic period and get more shares from global production, Varank said, “The appetite for investment is higher than ever before. We broke Turkey’s record in the incentive certificates we issued in March. We see that new investments have started from all sides. We have gained momentum in electricity consumption in organized industrial zones. This shows that our companies are making great efforts on the production side. We will see our country in much better places in production and value added production after the epidemic. ” used the expressions.

“Our goal is to reach a turnover of 2 billion lira and to open up to the stock market”

Sinbo Board Chairman Mehmet Demir said, “The visit of our minister was very important in terms of seeing our investments. We are the company that has made the biggest investment in our sector. We have caught 90 percent of local people. We are the largest company that makes up its main and sub-industry and produces under its own brand. said. Expressing that the importance of these investments emerged more during the epidemic process, Demir said that they gained serious experience in production, their investments were completed, and their goal was to become a company that exports to the whole world.

Demir said, “We aim to reach an annual turnover of 2 billion liras and to open to the stock market in a few years. We are proud to be a company that has created its own industry and brand. The visit of our minister has given us great morale. It is a great source of power to see our state behind us. That they will give more importance to the real sector. We were honored to hear about their strategies. ” made his comment.

“We produce 40 thousand small household appliances a day”

Sinbo Trade Director Volkan Dede stated that they serve 100% in the domestic market and 85% in the foreign markets with their own brands, and said that they continuously export to 35 countries and to 70 countries intermittently.

Expressing that they continued production without interruption in this period when supply security was seriously troubled, Dede said that they gave importance to women’s employment in Turkey, that 60 percent of the employees are women, and that they continue to work with more than 200 SMEs and their sub-industries.

Dede said 25 percent of their turnover is obtained from exports and said, “We produce products that are easily accessible and facilitate daily life. We produce 40 thousand small household appliances per day. We produce nearly 200 different small home appliances.” said.