Virus detected in the hearts of patients who died from Kovid-19

According to the news on the Science Magazine website, approximately 1000 heart tissues taken from 41 patients were examined in the study conducted at Massachusetts Hospital in the USA.

Doctors, who encountered the virus in the hearts of 30 of 41 patients who died as a result of complications caused by the coronavirus, pointed out that the heartbeats of these 30 people during the disease process were fast and irregular compared to others.

Doctors pointed out that the heart inflammation in these patients is more strongly linked to the duration of the hospital stay and symptoms.

Doctors also noted that heart damage could occur in many patients who had a long period of Covid-19 disease before they died.

In a study conducted in England, heart damage was detected in nearly half of the patients who had severe Kovid-19.

About 50 percent of these people whose hearts were examined by magnetic resonance imaging a month after discharge, had conditions such as inflammation of the heart muscle, damage to the heart tissue, or limited blood flow to the heart.