Virus alarm in Whatsapp! Everyone is sending to each other, if you opened this message …

08 March 2021 Monday – 14:15 | Last Updated: 08 03 2021 – 14:29

Popular messaging application WhatsApp is not falling off the agenda. WhatsApp, which has been mentioned for a long time with its confidentiality agreement discussions, is now on the agenda with the news of fraud. It turned out that the 8 March International Women’s Day gift message sent by the sportswear brand Adidas was a fraudulent method. Cyber ​​security experts warned …

Whatsapp adidas virus is on the agenda of social media. The message “Adidas March 8 Women’s Day Gift” sent to users on Whatsapp turned out to be an online fraud method.

“Adidas Women’s Day gift! Adidas gives 1 million pairs of shoes! ” A message titled is circulating.

Such a message area prompts users cyber security provider BitDefender’s Turkey Director of Operations Flame Akkoyunlu, sent with the message “adidassho (dot) buzz” link, warned that definitely should not be clicked.


Similar attack methods are frequently encountered when special days approach. With the messages that promise gifts and offer unrealistic offers, it is aimed for users to act quickly and click on the link.

When you click on the link in the WhatsApp message, which states that 1 million pairs of shoes have been given as a gift on Women’s Day, the same message is sent to your contact list.

The company Bitdefender indicating whether such a giveaway Turkey Operations Director Flame Akkoyunlu, personal information against fraud similar method for users to manually switch to malicious people made the following four warning:

1- The presence of official logos in the content of a message does not mean that the message actually comes from that institution.

2- Do not click even if the WhatsApp message only asks you to click on the link in the message. If the offer is too good to be true and the reward it offers you is significantly greater than your effort, it is definitely a phishing message.

3- When you see a message content such as campaigns and gifts, check the information by entering the company’s own website.

4- If you want to be protected from these types of attacks, use a mobile security solution that can protect you from phishing, fraud and malware on all your devices.