Virtual reality technology treats vertigo

AA | Tuesday, June 01, 2021 – 17:48 | Last Updated: 01 06 2021 – 17:48

prof. Dr. İsmet Bayramoğlu said, “When the patient puts on the virtual reality glasses, he enters a three-dimensional world. He does the balance exercises that are given to him gradually, just like a game.” said.

prof. Dr. İsmet Bayramoğlu made a statement to the AA correspondent regarding the technology, which has been applied in Turkey for a year and can be treated digitally by wearing three-dimensional glasses for a patient with vertigo complaint.

Stating that vertigo, also called vertigo, occurs as a result of various disorders such as crystal play in the balance center in the inner ear, Meniere’s disease, balance nerve inflammation, and vascular pressure, Bayramoğlu stated that the causes should be well analyzed in order to treat it.

prof. Dr. Bayramoğlu said that as a result of the necessary research, the dizziness of the patients was eliminated with medication, needle treatment or surgical intervention, but in some cases, the person continued to have balance problems even though the disease was treated.

Stating that after this stage, if the cause of the disease is not a tumor or a condition that can be corrected surgically, Bayramoğlu stated that exercise therapy should be started. said.

“The aim is to activate the balance pathways between the eye and the inner ear”

prof. Dr. İsmet Bayramoğlu noted that in the past, large environments and the patient had to adapt to these environments in order to perform balance exercises, but in the last two years, virtual reality glasses have been used in developed countries, especially in France, Germany, England and the USA.

Stating that this technology has been used for a year in Turkey, Bayramoğlu stated that the patient was first tested to see if he or she could benefit from this treatment, and if appropriate, treatment was started. prof. Dr. İsmet Bayramoğlu continued as follows:

“When the patient wears the virtual reality glasses, he enters into a three-dimensional world. Like a game, he gradually performs the balance exercises given to him. The aim is to move the muscles in the eye and reactivate the balance paths between the eye and the inner ear.”

We apply a total of 12 sessions to the patient. We attend sessions lasting half an hour three days a week, and we can completely cure the disease in a short period of 1 month. Conventional treatment methods could take up to 6 months or even 1 year, but this technology has shortened the time and the complaint of dizziness disappears without the need for drug treatment. Because when the patient wears glasses, he does not see external stimuli and can concentrate. This is very important in the treatment process. Over a one-year period, we observed improvement in 100 percent of the patients we applied this treatment, that is, the patients who were eligible for the treatment.”