Varank Minister: We encourage the brain drain to Turkey

Ministers Varank, ‘Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) National and International Leader of the Young Researchers Program “attended the introductory meeting. TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal was also present at the meeting held at TÜBİTAK. Varank Minister, International Leading researchers implemented the program to Turkey to give scientists and researchers told the National Leaders Program. towards the goal of providing the brain drain to Turkey international leader Researchers first call to 152 of the Program of Turkish nationals 91, including foreign nationals, 243 researchers admitted that reminds Varank, “This application of 173 areas in the world’s top 100 universities, 31 of the most in the world Among the global companies that make R&D spending, 28 were made from the first 250 public institutions and institutes in the world.As a result of these applications, 74 were made in technical sciences, 18 in life sciences, 16 in basic sciences, 12 in social and humanities. We have brought 127 leading researchers from 21 different countries, who are doing very high-level research in the sciences and 7 in the field of health sciences, to our country, “he said.

‘We encourage Turkey to the Brain Drain’

These projects are for so far about 328 million pounds earmarked reporting that they had Varank in 2020 in Turkey started to scientists continue their research of the National Leader Researchers terms of the facilities provided by the program stated that the property of being new and pioneering. Ministers Varank, “This program with the boundaries of science, groundbreaking, high-risk projects and ideas including elements outside the usual research methods we support the scientists of the resident authority in Turkey. Last year, selected from among 108 researchers under this program, 38 Turkey, 4 ‘ü foreign nationals, have given support to 42 scientists in different fields. both programs a hand to Turkey while encouraging the brain drain, we encourage the other hand, high-level scientific studies remain engaged qualified our people in our country, “he said.


Varank Minister, International and Leading Researchers noted that new başlattıl International Young Researchers Program this year with at least 100 leaders or promising young researchers to further Turkey’s aim to include ecosystem science. Varank, “TUBITAK’s leaders will call to Turkey through or young researchers of our scholarships, family living expenses, such as health insurance and road assistance in addition to the financial incentives will give 720 thousand TL much research project support. Under this program, ‘international leader’ our researchers We provide 1 million Turkish lira for research start-up grants to our ‘international young researchers’ and 500 thousand lira. we offer support -G stimulus package. Turkish and foreign scientists all over the world to submit an application to initiate a call by TUBITAK, I invite you to continue research in Turkey, “he said.


The Minister also answered questions from members of the press Varank opposition in Turkey’s modern, independent, free to be reminded of the criticism that the research environment, said:

“We know that we need to exclude absolutely politics in this area and politically not come close to this area. The opposition’s biggest problems in science, education, health field almost to react seeing an arena of politics. Feton in connection with the names of freedoms in Turkey have an impact coup attempt in Turkey the talk is not of the media are indeed allegations absurd. facing the area of ​​freedom feto in Turkey, of course not. We have the terrorists, we do not open our doors to people in the coup attempt. I want to make a call to the opposition; the bride keep out of politics in this area. literally on our humanities returned to Turkey Trying to set up a neighborhood pressure. directly from abroad, said scientists, professors, our ‘Do not open new call, we want to come to Turkey’ they say. we started this project for him. the lack of an environment that will not do as he said the opposition scientific sense, research and development in Turkey There is no scientist in the world. Like countries that cherish their fame, we cherish our scientists, we provide them with all kinds of support, and we are aware that their work is an investment in the future of this country, our children and our grandchildren, regardless of politics. ”