Valentine’s warning from the experts

Valentine's warning from the experts

The increase in internet shopping due to Valentine’s Day brought along cases of fraud. Warning citizens for fraud cases, experts listed what should be considered for safe shopping.

IT experts and consumer associations warned consumers not to fall into the networks of virtual fraudsters, stating that the increased online shopping due to the epidemic will accelerate during the Valentine’s Day week.

The President of the Consumers Association (TÜDER) Levent Küçük stated that the online shopping that increased with the epidemic saw the peak in the weeks of special days, and said that the fraudsters had the opportunity these days and weeks.

Emphasizing that consumers should prefer reliable sites first, Küçük explained that determining the need correctly and conducting price research will make both the gift area and the other party happy.


Noting that malicious individuals and companies can victimize consumers on small, special days, he continued his words as follows:

“Our consumers should definitely shop from websites that are known and trust. Especially, shopping on social media is a time bomb. The products that are promoted are often not even in their hands. While promoting the known brands, the price is much lower than the market value. One of the most important issues in social media is institutionalism. When shopping, one should be sure of the institutionalism of the company.


Pointing out that fraudsters can sometimes copy and fake known important shopping sites, Levent Küçük said that they are trying to capture bank and credit card information and passwords in this way.

Stating that the controlled delivery method should be used in internet shopping, Küçük stated that if necessary, the option of payment at the door should be preferred.

Küçük said, “In addition, our consumers have the right to withdraw within 14 days without any justification in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502. When a problem occurs, they can return the product.”


The President of the Consumer Protection Association (TÜKODER), Aziz Koçal, on the other hand, stated that special days and weeks direct consumers to shopping excessively and said that luxury and expensive gifts should be avoided as much as possible.

Expressing that consumers can be victims very often in such periods, Koçal said, “Fraudsters take advantage of such periods. Our consumers should definitely but definitely shop from reliable sites. They should stay away from social media shopping as much as possible.” he spoke.

Pointing out that receipts and invoices should be kept after shopping, Koçal said, “In case of negativity, consumer arbitration committees should be visited. Thanks to the decisions of these committees, our consumers are eliminated.” found in the description.

Pointing out that consumers may try to attract huge discounts, Koçal said, “Attention should be paid to discounts that are unusual and technically impossible. Prices here should be checked from other sites or price comparison addresses.” said.


Information Technologies and Cyber ​​Security Association Chairman Yavuz Sultan Selim Yüksel said that digital transformation has accelerated with the epidemic and that shopping online has become an obligation, not a luxury.

Stating that there is a rapid increase in the number of cyber attackers and fraudsters with online shopping, Yüksel gave the following information:

“On special days and weeks, there are usually big discounts and campaigns. Among these campaigns, there are also announcements that do not reflect the truth at all. It is necessary to verify whether the site entered is a real business in order not to fall into the network of virtual scammers when trying to shop. We can verify by looking at the system (ETBİS). A lot of information should come out of the search engines about the site we entered. We can also read comments from complaint sites and blogs. “


Yüksel stated that it should be checked whether the website has a security certificate or not, and made the following warnings:

“The ‘https’ part at the beginning of the internet address must be found. Some internet addresses only have ‘http’. This means an unsafe site. The Https certificate is actually an end-to-end connection protocol. The information you enter can only be opened by the bank. This is called a security certificate. In the absence of this, your card information can be copied and sent to fraudsters. “

Yüksel added that if the product does not arrive on the specified dates, it can be quickly examined the bank movements and the company can see the information received.