Üsküdar Municipality E-Sport Center is opening!

Üsküdar Municipality opens the E-sports Center, which it created in Çavuşdere Sports Palace, upon the increasing interest of young people in e-sports. Üsküdar Municipality, which organized the first e-sports festival as a public institution in Turkey in previous years, has implemented the E-Sports Center project this time.
The center, which is the first E-Sports Center opened by a public institution, was equipped with the latest technological devices on the mezzanine floor of Çavuşdere Sports Palace. It will be inaugurated by Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen on Tuesday, July 6, at 13.00 tomorrow. The e-Sports center will also be the scene of a big competition. Social media phenomena and Üsküdar youth will fight each other in the games they love and play the most.