US experts discovered! Repair in the liver and …

According to the report of Medical Science News, within the scope of the study carried out by the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute (CRI) affiliated to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in the USA, the cells that provide repair and regeneration of the liver and their places in the organ were identified.

In the study, it was revealed that in the liver, which was divided into 3 separate regions, the hepatocyte cells that provide regeneration were located in the second region between the first and third regions.

With this study, the experts also put an end to the ongoing debate in recent years regarding whether all or some of the hepatocytes, the main cell type in the liver, cause the regeneration of the organ.

In previous studies on the cell structure of the liver, it could not be determined which cells in the liver regenerate due to the lack of indicators that distinguish the functions of the hepatocyte species.

The experts tagged some genes activated in the liver with the study in question and used these genes as an indicator to identify different types of hepatocytes and their functions.

The experts stated that the first and third regions of the liver are more damaged by alcohol and infection-related diseases, but the second region is more protected against these injuries, emphasizing that this situation provides the most suitable conditions for the activity of the hepotocyte cells that provide regeneration in the liver.

The data in question is expected to help treat many diseases such as liver cancer.