Unmanned aircraft study from TAI

Temel Kotil, General Manager of Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. (TUSAŞ), made statements about the projects they carried out in the Management Development Program (SAHA MBA), which was prepared by SAHA Istanbul for companies operating in the defense, aviation and space sector.

Stating that the company is carrying out 3 aircraft, 6 helicopters, 2 unmanned aerial vehicles and target aircraft projects, Kotil said that they also continue their satellite projects.

Kotil pointed out that their most important project is MMU and stated that besides 3 thousand TAI personnel for the project, 3 thousand personnel will be needed in other companies that will contribute to the project.

Explaining that there is only one pilot in the 5th generation aircraft and the artificial intelligence acts as the second pilot, Kotil emphasized that the MMU is a “more intelligent aircraft” with this feature. Kotil, will start the engine of the aircraft in 2023, will end in 2025, expressed in 2028 will be delivered to the Air Force, “he succeeded Turkey manages what? If the US succeeds in what we are achieving it.” said.

Pointing out that MMU’s engine was developed by TR Motor, Kotil noted that they expect the support of other companies in the development of the lower and side components of the engine. Kotil, “Turkish companies will make a landing gear with an Italian company, the rights will be in Turkey. Climate will be held in Turkey. Turkey is supposed to be wholly owned by MMI aircraft to be.” he spoke.

Turkey’s quality, speed and cheapness that you need to bring together Kotil, said the opponents of Turkey’s TAI aerospace and become aware that they are a strong player. Kotil made the following assessment:

“If they give the license of the F-35, I will make 2 per month as TAI. The important thing is to have license, IP (intellectual property) rights. Otherwise, I have the ability to do the F-35 right now. Because at the beginning you buy and then you cannot buy, they say first ‘I give’, then ‘I don’t.’ We try to make MMU as local as possible at the beginning. In order for it to be sold to friendly countries, everything must be local and national. , including the engine. ” said.

Regional passenger plane

Pointing out that there is a need for a low cost civil aircraft with 60 people in the world, Kotil said, “TAI does not have the situation to do such a thing, because our load is heavy enough. We are making MMU, a plane between F-22 and F-35. Hürjet ‘ i’re doing, we’re doing Hürkuş again. Helicopters and we have UAVs. It’s our load when nobody ‘made passenger plane is’ not well, but there is such an aircraft needs. make such an aircraft leap in Turkey and other countries. made from thermoplastic, composite, 60 A passenger plane with modern engines breaks the market. ” used the expressions.

Asked about whether they have an agenda to fly F-16s without a pilot, Kotil said, “We are not flying F-16s without pilots, but we are working on other aircraft. F-16s are the backbone of the Air Force. Our pilots are number 10.” gave the answer.

Explaining that there will be no clear distinction between manned and unmanned aircraft, the two applications will be used together, Kotil said, “The 5th generation fighter jet will be an important device for the defense of the country. With the project, important physical infrastructure will be gained and the training of 6 thousand aircraft engineers will be an important advantage. We want to make a nice plane. It is a very secondary issue that it will be manned and unmanned. It already has artificial intelligence in it. When the pilot faints, the plane can return to its base. ” found the assessment.

Temel Kotil emphasized that they can give out everything other than the concept design of the aircraft, and in return, they expect those who take responsibility to focus on this and continue this in a long-term manner.

changes in the Company in evaluating and structuring Kotil said, “Turkey is playing great defense industry, TAI also return.” said.