University students in Erzurum are preparing for TEKNOFEST at ATA Teknokent

ATA Technopolis management, mobilizing opportunities for students to participate in TEKNOFEST, which is planned to be held in Istanbul on September 21-26, opened workshops in areas determined for young people to be successful.

Rector Prof. Dr. With the instruction of Ömer Çomaklı, the students, who were provided with equipment and material support by the Rectorate, took advantage of these opportunities and started a feverish work for the technology festival.

Approximately 150 students in 38 clubs preparing for the festival want to be successful in simulation, communication technologies, artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, digital technologies and software.

University facilities have been mobilized

ATA Teknokent General Manager Prof. Dr. Ayhan Celik, AA correspondent, said Turkey’s largest technology event that mobilizes opportunities for the participation of students.

Stating that there are Pre-Incubation and Incubation Centers in terms of entrepreneurship in the institution, Çelik stated that they are guiding students who have a business idea and they are trying to provide business ideas to those who do not.

Emphasizing that the workshops they have opened for students in this sense offer them a wide range of opportunities, Çelik said:

“We have about 150 students who are preparing for TEKNOFEST. Currently, 38 student clubs are working. They do research and development especially on rockets, low and medium altitude, underwater studies and unmanned aerial vehicles. All kinds of support are given to them, especially the project, by our Rectorate. We have a teacher in each team. These teachers guide them. They have workshops and produce them themselves. If rocket is to be made, they do it themselves. Our students do everything from software to work result. Our support for these students will continue. We even think of doing a workshop for these students in our center. so they can improve. “

Ataturk University Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2nd year student Talha Kaya stated that they are preparing for the unmanned aerial vehicles competition to be held within the scope of TEKNOFEST, and that they carry out research and development and production studies.

“It is very difficult for us to procure materials on our own”

Kaya thanked the technopolis management for creating feasibility conditions for them and stated that it is very important to open the workshops to them without any charge.

Kaya thanked the Rector Çomaklı and said, “Our Rector has provided us with very high financial support. It is very difficult for us to provide the materials we use on our own. The university trusted us in this sense and provided 100 percent of the material support. TEKNOFEST is a great breakthrough for us here. We are working on the technologies of the future so that we can catch the world. ” he spoke.

Özgür Arslan, one of the students, stated that their interest in TEKNOFEST started about 2 years ago and they followed the competitions with enthusiasm.

Free equipment support voicing can join provided by a difficult situation nicely from the competition remain Armstrong, “we can easily reach the success with the facilities provided. Work also in this kind of defense companies we graduation more important for us ourselves because it we’re island. We do not have this facility anywhere in Turkey. We can also achieve success with the support of the University and Technopolis. ” used the expressions.