‘Underwater phone’ export from Turkish defense industry

Turkish defense industry companies continue to achieve new export successes with the original products they develop. Koç Bilgi ve Savunma Teknolojileri (KoçSav Savunma) signed a contract in 2020 for the use of the underwater telephone on a foreign naval ship.

Working on underwater electronics and acoustics, KoçSav Savunma takes steps towards the foreign market with the products it develops.

AriesDefense; Echorium Diver Detection Sonar Family has a number of products such as Underwater Detection and Positioning System, Bullet Tarassut System, Acoustic Tracking and Capture System, Underwater Environment Model and Underwater Telephone.

In 2020, the company signed a contract for the use of the underwater phone on a foreign naval ship. In addition, the contract for the sale of an English menu underwater phone to another foreign ship entered into force at the beginning of this year.

Underwater phone; It functions as a communication system that provides communication between all microprocessor-controlled, surface / underwater vessels through underwater acoustic waves. There are different types of the product in question, fixed for MILGEM and New Type Patrol boats and portable for rescue vessels.

Aiming to expand into sectors other than defense, KoçSav Savunma also achieved concrete results in this area. I Smartie Blue TURMEPA scope of social responsibility projects, koçsavun the smart buoys, Turkey’s most important tourist areas of the sea water quality in the Gulf of Fethiye began to follow the cleaning regularly.

As a company that develops smart buoy systems in 2020, KoçSav Savunma has also completed the membership procedures for the International Association of Navigation Aids and Lights Authorities (IALA) and the Defense Aviation and Space Cluster Association (SAHA Istanbul).

The door to new markets has opened

koçsavun up, this year to develop products in areas where Turkey needs to sign and will continue to work to compete with the world. In line with its strategic goals, the company prioritizes openings in different sectors this year and plans to increase its activities such as fair participation in order to stand out in global markets.

KoçSav Savunma, who was invited to the tender for the supply of the cruise aid buoy requested for the Philippine Coast Guard, especially after the approval of IALA membership, carefully follows the international opening opportunities for the Diver Detection Sonar product, which is indispensable for the underwater safety of the homeland and critical facilities.

Potential export opportunities for products such as KoçDefense Underwater Phone, Diver Detection Sonar and Ship Integrated Information System, which stand out in 2020, are expected to be realized in 2021.

“We focused on R&D and innovation activities”

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Koç Defense Engineering Manager Hakan Öktem said that despite the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, they delivered 2020 within the framework of commitments and on time.

All over the world the epidemic, and despite the difficult conditions caused by the Turkey R & D, and they have emphasized innovation activities emphasizing Öktem, “We have received significant orders from abroad and international in this context and we have signed overseas representation contracts with several companies. Thus, by 2020 the both domestically We are proud to be a solution partner sought by defense companies both abroad. We fully believe that this fruitful period will maintain its stability in the upcoming period. ” used the expressions.

Pointing out that they set the strategic road map as opening up to different sectors and growing in foreign markets, Öktem said, “KoçSav Savunma evaluated 2020 efficiently in terms of both domestic activities and export opportunities. we started. ” he spoke.