Uber ‘awarded’ UK drivers

Uber, which provides taxi service through the smartphone application, stated that 70 thousand drivers in the UK will be given the rights such as minimum wage guarantee and paid annual leave.

In the statement made by Uber, it has announced that its drivers in the UK will be paid at least £ 8.72 as an hourly wage, and that they will be given paid annual leave and pension rights.

The British Supreme Court ruled on February 19, 2021 that Uber must show all of its drivers as employees of the company.

In the decision, it was stated that Uber drivers cannot be accepted as self-employed, they should be identified as employees of the company.

James Farrar and Yassen Aslam, two drivers serving Uber vehicles in the UK, filed a lawsuit against the company in October 2016 to protect their rights.

Uber, on the other hand, filed an appeal in the UK after losing the lawsuit on employee rights three times.

The decision of the British Supreme Court was important as it was final and binding.

Uber has 45 thousand drivers only in the capital London and approximately 70 thousand drivers across the country.