UAV attack in the fight against forest fires

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, the Ministry makes high use of technological opportunities to shorten the detection, intervention and extinguishing time in the fight against forest fires.

In this context, the fire extinguishing fleet is supported by technological means. Since last year, helicopters and UAVs have been used for the management and management of fires within the General Directorate of Forestry under the Ministry.

This year, 4 more UAVs started to work. By means of UAVs, approximately 1650 kilometers of fire sensitive areas and TRNC forests are monitored from Istanbul to Hatay.

With real-time and near-real-time image transmission from UAVs, early detection, reconnaissance, surveillance, command-coordination and damage assessment needs of forest fires are met in day and night conditions. UAVs operate on a 24/7 basis during the fire season.

Fire response time is shortened

The images transmitted by the UAVs are transferred to tablet computers over the internet network. Works including vehicles such as water trucks, construction equipment, first response vehicles, airplanes and helicopters are displayed on the tablet, which is integrated into the Vehicle Tracking System in the inventory of the administration and includes raster and vector data such as forestry and water resources.

While fire detection can be made with image processing and artificial intelligence over UAV images, an alarm is generated and a short message is given.

By detecting the thermal heat sources in the UAV image, the geographical coordinates of those points and the area between them are calculated.

Thanks to the technological transformation, the fire response time, which was 40 minutes in 2003, was reduced to 12 minutes in 2019. With the use of vehicles such as UAVs, it is aimed to reduce this period further by the end of 2023.