Twitter’s advertising ban was lifted in Turkey

AA | Saturday, April 24, 2021 – 0:52 | Last Updated: 24 04 2021 – 0:52

identify and inform the representative in Turkey fulfilling its obligation Twitter’s advertising ban was lifted. Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Sayan said, “The process that started on October 1, 2020 was completed in accordance with the law.”

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan announced that the advertising ban on Twitter was lifted.

Sayan, sharing his Twitter account, Twitter applied to advertising ban, meet Twitter’s representatives to determine and inform the obligation in Turkey thus given on April 22 and declaring that today lifted a decision published in the Official Gazette, “So October 1st, 2020 ‘ The process, which started at the same time, was completed in accordance with the law, “he explained.

Law 55 million citizens, emphasizing that guaranteed the full rights of personality, Sayan, after all social networking companies, to protect users’ rights in Turkey will fulfill complete the court’s decision and said he thought it would be a tool for provocation.

“Turkey is the protector of the rights of citizens in the digital world”

Transport and Infrastructure Ministry and related organizations with the obligations stated that they will pursue the fulfillment always complete Sayan, “Turkey, as in all areas is the protector of the rights of citizens in the digital world. We will continue to work with our t’s efforts # for our sibervatan’ı” the assessment found.

Turkey’s state law underlines the need for regulation on this issue will continue to quite Sayan, made arrangements for other countries in the world also stated that they were pleased to be exemplary of.

Sayan stated that they will carefully monitor the practices of Twitter and other companies regarding legal obligations.

According to the records of the Istanbul Trade Registry Office published in the Trade Registry Gazette, Twitter established a company with the title of “Internet content services limited company”.

The address of the company, with a capital of 10 thousand lira, was the Şişli district of Istanbul.