Twitter: Trump’s account will not open even if he is re-elected

Ned Segal, the finance director of social networking site Twitter, said that even if former US President Donald Trump takes the presidency, the ban on his account will continue.

In an interview with the American CNBC television, Ned Segal answered the question about Trump’s closed Twitter account, and stated that it is not possible to reopen a closed account, and this ban is permanent.

“When you are removed from the platform for misconduct, even if you are a former or current public official, you are not allowed to come back under our rules,” said Segal.

Noting that corporate policies are designed “to make sure people are not incited to violence,” and that “violators” do not allow them to come back, the finance manager made it clear that even if Trump is re-elected President of the United States, he will not be able to use his personal Twitter account.

After the Trump supporters raided the US Congress on January 6, social media companies started to apply serious censorship to Trump’s accounts.

Instagram and Facebook blocked Trump’s access to the account for a while, while Twitter announced that as of January 8, it had suspended the President’s account indefinitely.