Twitter announced! Regulations will be complied with – Science Technology News

According to Bloomberg’s report, in his statement to the Delhi High Court through his company lawyers, he stated that an officer has been appointed to carry out compliance studies, the official representative to investigate user complaints will be determined on July 11 and an office will be opened in the country within 8 weeks.

The government had stated that under new Information Technology (IT) rules that came into effect at the end of May, international internet companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google could no longer enjoy “liability protection” for user-generated content.

With the new regulation, companies were obliged to open an office in the country, to have a representative, to investigate user complaints on the spot, to report the source of “harmful content” when requested, and to remove the content.

Twitter described the new rules as a “potential threat to freedom of expression”, and lawsuits were filed against the company for some posts on the site after the regulation went into effect.