‘Turn off Facebook’ demand from Germany to public institutions

AA | Wednesday, June 30, 2021 – 14:11 | Last Updated : 30 06 2021 – 14:11

Ulrich Kelber, the German government’s Personal Data Protection Officer, stated that user information on Facebook is not secure and demanded that all Facebook accounts operated by public institutions be closed by the end of the year to inform citizens.

Sending a warning letter to public institutions, especially ministries, in the country at the beginning of June, Kelber stated that Facebook officials were slow to take the necessary steps to protect user information and prevent it from being used on other platforms.

In his warning letter, Kelber emphasized that social media accounts of public institutions should be closed by the end of this year, otherwise they would resort to coercive measures within their authority from next year.

Ulrich Kelber said, “There is no time to waste, given the ongoing violation of personal data protection. If you have a fan (Facebook) page, I strongly recommend that you shut it down by the end of the year.” used the phrase.

Kelber, the German government’s Personal Data Protection Officer, underlined that it is impossible for Facebook to use users’ personal data without transferring them to the USA.

On the other hand, according to European Union law, personal data can be transferred outside the EU only to the jurisdiction of a country with equivalent data protection rules.