Türksat 5A will be entrusted to the domestic insurance company

Hüseyin Ertok told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Türksat 5A, which was successfully launched into space on January 8, continues the process of “upgrading in orbit”, and this means that communication satellites reach a circular orbit that will serve about 36 thousand kilometers from the Earth’s Equatorial plane.

Informing that Türksat 5A separated from the launcher at an altitude of approximately 300 kilometers, Ertok stated that the satellite had an elliptical orbit at a distance of 300 kilometers from the closest to the earth and 55 thousand kilometers at the farthest place.

Stating that the satellite performed continuous maneuvers to transform the orbit into a circular orbit at a distance of 36 thousand kilometers from January to mid-May, Ertok said:

“As of today, our satellite is moving in orbit, which is about 9,500 kilometers as the closest to the world and 61 thousand kilometers at its farthest point. The orbit-escalation process is planned to end in the first half of May. After our satellite is in orbit of 31 degrees east, orbital tests will take about 1 month.”

As explained by Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Ertok stated that Turksat 5A is aimed to be put into service in June after the orbital tests.

“Türksat will be delivered in 5A orbit”

Emphasizing that Türksat 5A satellite was insured to cover the launch and a one-year period following the launch, as in all satellites previously launched, Ertok noted that the contract was signed by the manufacturer to deliver the satellite in orbit ready for service.

Ertok pointed out that the contract includes the insurance of the satellite and said, “We insure our satellites under the satellite production contract as ‘launch plus 1 year’. When the insurance period of these satellites expires, we will continue the annual insurance process with our other satellites through our domestic and national insurance company. ” used the expressions.

– “There will be a serious increase in Ku band coverage and capacity”

Explaining that the Türksat 5A satellite will be operated in 31 degrees east orbit, where commercial activities will be resumed in about 10 years, Ertok said that with the Türksat 5A satellite, Ku band coverage and capacity will be significantly increased.

Stating that satellite marketing processes are evaluated on a fleet basis, Ertok explained that the most suitable satellite service is provided according to customer demands.

Emphasizing that Türksat 5A will both increase the capacity and meet the demands of the countries facing 31 degrees east location, Ertok said:

“The Arab region, North Africa and some European countries ‘target countries’ by specifying both the broadcasting and TV We conduct our marketing activities for data communications. Turksat 5a, the data communications in Turkey, as well as in both data overseas TV broadcasting Negotiations with our potential customers are continuing. There will be contracts that will emerge after the performance tests of the satellite are completed and put into service. “