Turkish youth in Germany found! It disinfects!

Turkish youth living in Germany continue to attract attention with their success. 33-year-old Ahmet Toklu (mechanical engineer), 34-year-old Cihan Atsız (industrial hygiene engineer), 34-year-old Fatih Akpınar (biology teacher) and 36-year-old Danijel Imani (industrial hygiene engineer) of Croatian origin, who live in the country, combined their ideas and financial means. He developed a device that automatically disinfects touch screens that are used collectively with C rays. Entrepreneurs are preparing to launch the device they prototyped.

Cihan Atsız, who was involved in the development of the device called “Dn ‘A Disinfection”, told AA correspondent that they talked with his friends on the balcony of Danijel Imani’s house in March 2020 how the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) affected their lives, in this conversation, used collectively. He said that the idea for a device that automatically disinfects touch screens has emerged.

Atsız said, “On the balcony, Ahmet Toklu told us how UV-C rays are effective. Danijel informed us about hygiene. While we were doing research on UV-C rays, we saw some inventions. Then our conversation moved to the subject of how to clean touch screens. ATM, self-check in airports. We talked about the automatic disinfection of the screens of the in terminals and the touch screens in restaurants. We searched for a device for this issue over the Internet. He spoke in the form.

“Removes existing pathogens in a few seconds with UV-C rays”

Cihan Atsız explained that they decided to produce the device by doing a little more brain training on the idea and that they applied for a patent in Germany in April 2020.

Atsız said, “Then we made the prototype of the automatic disinfection device by putting capital. We named our device Dn ‘A Disinfection. We were very excited. Our excitement increased when we got the device. When we got the prototype, we went directly to the laboratory studies.” said.

Referring to the operation of the device, Atsız said, “After each use, the disinfection device moves horizontally on the touch screen from top to bottom and eliminates the existing pathogens within a few seconds with UV-C rays. used the expressions.

Among the 20 projects that made it to the finals in the innovation competition

Cihan Atsız stated that the device attracted great attention from companies and said:

“Our negotiations with international companies regarding the license rights of the device we have developed are currently in progress. At the same time, the first 20 projects out of 140 projects in the ‘TU-Ideenwettbewerb 2020’ innovation competition initiated by TU-Darmstadt (Technische Universität Darmstadt), one of the most prestigious technical universities in Germany. and we are taking firm steps towards being the first. “

for the development of the device Atsiz explaining that they mobilized all their financial means, “We want to work together in the production of devices with investors or companies, especially Turkey. We want to export these products to markalaştırıp the whole country.” he spoke.

Atsız advised Turkish youth in Germany, “Let them put their thoughts into practice. The important thing is to take a step. When the first step is solid, the rest comes automatically for success.” said.