Turkish signature in cannonballs of Bangladesh

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, a new cooperation has been added to the cooperation in the field of defense industry, with the agreement signed between Turkey and Bangladesh under the auspices of the Presidency of Defense Industry Presidency and the Bangladesh Prime Ministry Armed Forces Unit as a result of an interstate agreement.

A Turnkey 105 and 155 mm Cannonball Body and Shell Production Line Establishment Agreement was signed between REPKON, which specializes in the metal forming industry and can establish turnkey production facilities, and Bangladesh Engineering Factories.

REPKON Business Development and Corporate Communications Officer Uğur Cem Gürpınar told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Bangladesh, like many friendly and allied countries, preferred REPKON because of its technology that is ahead of its competitors in the world. Gürpınar, “REPKON will continue to contribute to the country’s economy with the export of high value-added products, in addition to the works it has developed on behalf of our country locally and nationally.” said.

Machines capable of precision production

REPKON, which offers superior technological solutions with its studies in the metal forming sector for more than 40 years, attracts attention in the country and abroad with its strategic products for the defense, aerospace and aerospace industries.

REPKON is capable of producing high precision parts for the defense, aerospace and aerospace industries with its capabilities developed in strategic technologies such as flowforming, which is a cold process, shearforming, rotational cold forging for barrel production and hot spinning. manufactures machines. The company also carries out mass production of these critical parts.

REPKON stands out in the metal forming industry with its critical “flowforming” technology, which very few countries in the world have, especially in the production of rotationally symmetrical parts.

In this way, the company has come to the point where it can offer a unique solution to the implicit or open embargoes in the production of different caliber barrels and rocket bodies.

Having successfully completed the delivery of many projects in its exports to allied countries, the company signed a partnership agreement with Titomic for barrel production in Australia this year.