Turkish scientists developed it! Preparing for mass production

Toothpaste formulations containing new smart nanomolecules were obtained within the body of “Nanovation Technological Research Industry and Trade Limited Company” established in Gebze Technical University (GTU) Technopark.

Within the scope of the project supported by KOSGEB’s “R&D and Innovation Support Program”, a new toothpaste and a toothbrush with a led lamp that can activate this toothpaste were developed.

In the tests, it was determined that the products cleaned 99 percent of harmful bacteria and microbes with a 3-minute brushing.

The names “PhotoDENT” for toothpaste and “PhotoLUMIN” for toothbrush were registered. “PCT Patent”, which provides protection in more than 120 countries, was obtained for the registration of toothpaste.

Prototypes of toothpaste and brushes are being produced, and it is aimed to start mass production in the near future.

“Tests on the lethal effect of Kovid-19 continue”

GTU Faculty of Basic Sciences Department of Chemistry Professor. Dr. Mahmut Durmuş told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the developed toothpaste is a first in the world as a new generation “phototherapeutic antimicrobial toothpaste”.

Stating that by activating the smart nanomolecules in the toothpaste and the led-light toothbrush, more hygienic oral and dental care is provided by cleaning harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and germs in the gums, enamel and mouth, Durmuş said: It has been determined that the harmful bacteria and microbes in the mouth are cleaned by 99 percent with 3 minutes of brushing. Tests continue regarding the lethal effect of this toothpaste on the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19). This will contribute to the prevention of oral transmission. he said.

Durmuş stated that the “PCT Patent”, which provides protection in more than 120 countries, has been obtained and that the necessary application has been made to the Turkish Patent Institute.

Stating that an application will be made to the KOSGEB P&D Support Program for the commercial production of the developed products, Durmus said:

“For the production of these materials, a factory is in the process of setting up in Bilecik. Thanks to these innovative products, many oral and dental problems, especially tooth decay, will be prevented. It will also prevent the formation of wounds known as ‘aphtha’, which are caused by the herpes virus in the mouth. With this newly developed toothpaste, it is foreseen to prevent dental caries, which is a problem for almost everyone.”

“Ointments and solutions are also being developed for faster healing of wounds”

Noting that the annual use of toothpaste in Turkey is approximately 500 million tubes and the economic value of this market is around 70 million Euros, Durmuş said, “Considering this situation, it is predicted that the new generation toothpaste and brush obtained within the scope of the project will have a very high economic added value.” made its assessment.

Durmuş stated that the products to be developed will be exported and foreign currency input will be provided to the country, and continued as follows:

“Considering that almost all of the toothpastes used in the domestic market today are products imported from abroad, the development of a domestic and national toothpaste and brush within the scope of this proposed project will reduce imports in this regard. In this way, the current account, which is the biggest economic problem of our country, will be developed. In addition to the oral and dental health products developed through R&D studies, cosmetic products containing formulations such as soap, shampoo, lotion are also being developed.In addition, the developed smart nanomaterials have wound healing properties, so they can heal wounds in humans and animals more quickly. Wound ointments and solutions are also being developed to help them heal properly.”