Turkish researchers’ effectiveness in EU programs is increasing

AA | Monday, March 15, 2021 – 16:36 | Last Updated: 15 03 2021 – 16:36

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal stated that with the new cooperation models, the responsibilities of Turkish researchers in the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Program have increased.

Mandala, “Competitive Sectors Program Presentation Meeting” theme in his speech at the R & D and innovation, he said the issue of how that might change the agenda of Turkey and European ecosystems.

Explaining that there is a search in which the interaction between the producer and the user of the information can be two-way, Mandal stated that all institutions and countries’ funding agencies are working in this direction.

Mandal noted that complex difficulties that can be solved interactively, such as the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, also transform existing cooperation models towards working together.

This approach as TUBITAK not only the process of support programs for the European Union, the country’s needs and the country ecosystem of expressing that they are in the development approach based models to create your own Mandala, “the European research Turkey pairing more research, we have our efforts on attribution.” said.

Mandal stated that the approach of supporting platforms consisting of projects rather than a single project gains importance, and said that they are trying to implement the business and development approach with these and similar models.

Mandal, who also made evaluations about the effects of this approach on the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Program, used the following statements:

“2020 was our 265.5 million euros in payments Ufuk2020 until the end. The return is 296.2 million euros. Provided still describes a portion of the call. When the there results we expect to exceed 300 million euros. Our own national process management, Researches of Turkey with Europe attribution point between the research has come to this stage. 1309 Turkish player we are taking part in this project. Most importantly, 2019. 7 consortium’s executive on, do the coordination, we could last 2 years 22 more have been added. so currently 29 large consortium’s executive in our institutions in Turkey in Europe our universities, industry partners, our local government is performing. I’m an important win for our country, but also beautiful examples of business models with Turkey’s European partners. “