Turkish engineers’ driverless bus hits the road in Europe and the USA

Karsan shared the technical details of the driverless autonomous bus Atak Electric with the public. Autonomous Atak Electric, which is the first Level 4 autonomous bus ready for use in real road conditions in America and Europe, was developed by studies on Atak Electric, Karsan’s 8 meter class 100 percent electric model. In the project carried out by Karsan R&D, cooperation was made with another Turkish technology company ADASTEC. Level 4 autonomous software developed by ADASTEC has been integrated into the electrical-electronic architecture and electric vehicle software of Atak Electric.

He will also go to the Presidential Complex

Autonomous Atak Electric will first be exported to the USA, Romania. In addition, a vehicle to be used in the Çumbaşlığı Kulliye will go to Ankara in a few months. It was built on Atak Electric, which takes its power from 220 kWh batteries developed by BMW and produces a torque of 2500 Nm by reaching 230 kW. The vehicle has a length of 8.3 meters, a passenger capacity of 52 people and a range of 300 km. Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “Our vehicle can be used with or without a driver on a planned route, either on a campus or on public transportation routes in real traffic conditions. “Whether it is day or night, in rainy and snowy weather conditions, it can work on routes with speeds of up to 50 km / h in autonomous driving,” he said. Baş stated that they are in contact with customers in K. Avnupa countries for new autonomous vehicles.

New electrics in the 12-18 m class are on the way

Baş emphasized that the Atak and Jest Electrics delivered to date have provided Karsan with a serious experience in the field of electric vehicles by covering a total distance of more than 1 million kilometers and continued as follows:

“Autonomous Jest Electric is also in our plans. From now on, every product we will put into use will be autonomously prepared. Level 4 will be able to adapt to all of its autonomous features. On the other hand, as Karsan, our investments in electric vehicles continue without slowing down. In a short time, we will bring our new 100 percent electric vehicles, 12 and 18 meters in size, to roads. In a short period of 2 years, we have sold nearly 200 electric models in 30 different European cities, Jest Electric and Atak Electric. When we look at the electric bus providers around us, it is very serious that we can deliver at a speed of 4 months. Right now, we say we can give it autonomously in 5 months. “