Turkish defense industry companies appeared at IDEX 2021

While intensive measures were taken at the fair area due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, participants were asked to test every 2 days.

Base from Turkey Studio R & D and Technology Industry, Elektroland Defense Industry, Warranty Clothing Composite Technologies, Makela Mechanical Engineering, Osan Defense, Otokar, REPKON, T-Mold, TRANSVARO electronic appliances, Unifo food, has introduced products and capabilities at the fair.

REPKON took its place in the fair with its short-medium-long range rocket bodies and barrel product group. REPKON, which establishes turnkey production facilities in the metal forming sector, also designs and manufactures basic metal forming machines for global markets. The company stands out in the industry with its critical flowforming (cold flow forming) and cold forging technology, which are rare in the world for rotationally symmetrical parts.

The company exhibited its 40-millimeter automatic grenade launcher barrel, which is produced by the flowforming method, which is included in the domestic and national inventory and within this scope, stops the import. In addition, barrels of 5.56, 7.62, 9 and 12.7 millimeters produced with a rotational cold forging machine were also on the REPKON booth. The company also exhibited rocket bodies with a diameter of 70, 122, 300, 610 millimeters made of aluminum and special alloy steel material produced by the flowforming method.

If Turkey’s Otokar armored land vehicle manufacturer of electric Scorpio II, Cobra II, and Safa Armada 8×8 IFV (Tulpar) introduces armored combat vehicles.

T-Kalıp exhibited mine-resistant seat solutions developed to ensure the safety of personnel in military vehicles.