Turkish artificial intelligence has revealed the solution!

The Turkish artificial intelligence initiative Deepware revealed that the video, published in Myanmar, where the military coup was experienced, with the claim that “he confessed his guilt” about the imprisoned Prime Minister, is a deepfake (fake content manipulated with artificial intelligence technologies) that does not reflect the truth.

Assisted investment partnership that performs electronic and cyber security in the online offering international cyber security solutions provider based in Turkey Zemana, has created Deepware to conduct studies for the detection of deepfak content.

Deepware Scanner, which is the first online deepfake detector in the world, was launched at the end of the studies carried out with the Deepware brand. The application allows the detection of fake content produced by the intervention of human images and voices.

Deepfake came to the fore in Myanmar, where street demonstrations took place after the military coup. Deepware’s solution was used to reveal the incident.

Deepfake detection engine Deepware Scanner has reported to its users scanning the video that this is an unreal deepfake video.

“The users avoided falling into the disinformation trap of the coup plotters”

Zemana Founding Partner Orhan Akyürek told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the Southeast Asian country Myanmar, which made its name known to the world with political turmoil, was the scene of a new military coup 2 months ago and made history with the deepfake initiative targeting democracy.

Akyürek stated that those who carried out the military coup on February 1 in Myanmar shared with the press the video of former Yangon Prime Minister Phyo Min Thein, who appeared to have confessed to the crimes against him, and stated that Deepware revealed that this is a deepfake video that does not reflect the truth. Akyürek made the following evaluations:

“In the scans of Deepware Scanner’s artificial intelligence-based image analysis technology, it was found that the video broadcast on the TV channel close to the military and allegedly belonging to the imprisoned politician was 75 percent fake. Deepware revealed that the published video was fake, especially in social media. “Deepfake scanning and detection engine” Deepware Scanner “technology by scanning the video and learning that it is not real, users all over the world avoided falling into the disinformation trap of the coup plotters.”

Taking the war of disinformation to a whole new dimension

Orhan Akyürek emphasized that the deepfake cyber threat, which has spread virally on social media platforms, has carried the disinformation war to a whole new dimension.

Akyürek added that the “Deepware Scanner” technology, developed by Deepware engineers, was designed to instantly capture manipulated videos with its multi-layered mechanism against the danger of deepfake, which uses many different methods such as facial swap, whole body synthesis, voice swapping, which imitate people’s gestures and gestures one-to-one. .