Turkey’s National Space Program will be presented today

promotion of Turkey’s National Space Program, the Presidential National Congress and Culture Center will be held today at 19.00.

Introductory meeting of the National Space Program prepared by Turkey Space Agency will explain the goals and projects of the country’s space sector under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Industry and Technology Minister Erdogan and President Mustafa Varank will be held with the participation.


Turkey Space Agency (TUA) recently found I had a remarkable social media sharing.

Space images featuring the Milky Way Galaxy, the Moon and Jupiter were published with the hashtag “Future is in the Sky” by TUA.

At the end of the image has been pointed out on Tuesday, February 9, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank the video that Turkey Space Agency’s share from his own account, “Are you ready?” He shared again with his statements.

Turkey Space Agency (OSA) was established in 2018 and began its official activities as of 2019.