Turkey’s gaming technologies gathered under one roof

Clustering was carried out under the leadership of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT in order to increase the competitiveness of the participating companies operating in the digital game sector in international markets, to enable companies to enter the common market faster and to have a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Clustering, which aims to make production and marketing partnerships of companies, increase their export amounts and thus contribute positively to the economy of the sector and the region, will bring together digital game technology companies from different regions of Turkey under one roof.

The digital game industry has a production process where different areas of expertise come together and an ecosystem with many different actors. While there are competence areas such as game designers, visual designers, programmers, test unit, marketing team in the production process, many different actors such as distributors, publishers, hardware developers, e-sports clubs, universities and government institutions operate within the ecosystem.

Bringing together different actors will accelerate the growth of the digital game industry in the coming years. One of the keys to regional and national development is the creation of opportunities that will enable companies with similar activities to act together.


The ability of countries to develop their resources in the digital game industry, which has a very open future, stands out as an important element for sustainable growth. For this reason, there is a need to create platforms that will bring the industry together and enable companies, public institutions and universities to act jointly. Based on this need, a digital game industry cluster was formed with ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, which has been serving in the field for years, the Turkish Game Developers Association (TOGED) and 32 participating companies.

The cluster aims to establish mechanisms that will push companies to more cooperation and exchange of ideas. On the other hand, it is also among the objectives to enable entrepreneur companies to see foreign markets, participate in marketing activities and take part in the commercial delegation by providing more opportunities to go abroad.

The cluster will be open to the whole of Turkey, not regional. With the studies to be carried out, the knowledge and human resources of Clustering companies will be diversified, business development processes will be accelerated and more products will be offered to the market. With the establishment of the right marketing mechanisms, success will be achieved in product sales. In this way, both cluster companies will earn more and Turkey will gain more export income. With the increase in success stories, the eyes of foreign investors will be on Turkey more.

Stakeholder experiences are important in clustering studies. Companies will take an active role especially in the context of information sharing and project cooperation. ODTU TEKNOKENT and TOGED will organize national and international networking events. Clustering activities will be carried out under the leadership of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT. At the university level, studies will be carried out to solve the problem of qualified workforce, one of the most important problems of the sector.