Turkey is preparing for transportation with UAVs – Science Technology News

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is developing a management model for civil purposes of regulation, authorization and operations of rapidly developing UAVs all over the world, in which the technologies of the age are used effectively.

Within this model, it is aimed to use Turkish civil airspace effectively, safely and efficiently. The model envisages that all movements of 50 thousand 170 UAVs currently defined in the system can be monitored centrally through the module, which is pre-designed by the DGCA and can be attached to the aircraft in the authorized air corridors.

With this system, flexible but high-security activities will be possible without the need for flight permit approval mechanisms. In the model, intercity main flight corridors for UAVs, as well as suitable flight channels within the city will be defined and the management structure and rules will be applied to ensure the mobility on these lines.

Demands are getting more frequent

Recently, DGCA receives frequent requests to carry controlled payloads (light drugs) with UAVs. In this direction, the studies were accelerated and the said model was adopted.

At the point of putting this model into practice, a test-oriented activity was evaluated with institutions such as the Governorship of Istanbul and the General Directorate of State Airports Administration and deemed appropriate. In this framework, NOTAM has been published for the airspace where the transaction will be made. In addition, all measures were taken at the point of insurance and security.

In the event that the appropriate conditions for the planned flight are met, Acıbadem Healthcare Group will be notified by Acıbadem Dr. It is planned to be built between Şinasi Can (Kadıköy) Hospital and Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital. Within the scope of the test, it is aimed to carry light drugs with the UAV. The results of the test flight will be used by DGCA during the maturation process within the scope of the model. It is expected that this activity will make significant contributions to the studies to be carried out in Turkey in an area that has not yet been fully resolved in the world.

UAVs are still used in the healthcare field to transport blood and vaccines, especially in hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the world’s leading technology, cargo, e-commerce and food companies are looking for solutions regarding delivery by UAV.

UAVs, whose names are mostly heard for different uses in the defense industry, are used in many different areas from agriculture to search and rescue, from fighting forest fires to traffic control, from weather forecasting to broadcasting.