Turkey hits the top with the number of ‘artificial intelligence’ scientific articles

METU URAP Coordinator Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut announced the results of the research, which compared the number of scientific articles originating from Turkey in the field of artificial intelligence with 136 countries in the world, to AA correspondent.

Akbulut stated that in his studies, artificial intelligence research in higher education in Turkey is a prominent field among general computer science sub-fields as in the world.

“Artificial intelligence research in Turkey shows similarities to developed countries, but also exhibits differences. For example, researchers in many countries publish their publications as papers at events such as workshops, conferences, and symposiums as well as in journals. Today, university rankings mostly focus on journal publications, but some studies such as computer sciences. Conference papers in fields are as important as journal publications.When we look at the research outputs in the field of artificial intelligence, it is seen that 36.9 percent of the indexed publications are published as journal publications and 58.6 percent are conference papers in Turkey. 58 journal publications were realized as 39 percent conference papers. Considering the countries with a high rate of journal articles, this situation stands out as a high difference only in Iran and Turkey. “

Stating that URAP makes a world field ranking every year and that they will announce this year’s ranking soon, Akbulut said, “We have achieved remarkable results in the number of scientific articles in the field of artificial intelligence in Turkey in this year’s world field rankings. Countries producing scientific articles in the field of artificial intelligence in the world and Turkey According to this, Turkey ranked 13th among 137 countries in terms of the number of scientific articles in the field of artificial intelligence. It shows that Turkey is one of the most successful countries among developing countries in terms of its place in the ranking.” he said.

The work of YÖK is important

Pointing out the importance of conference papers in the field of artificial intelligence, Akbulut said, “The participation of researchers in Turkey in leading scientific meetings in this field will enable them to take a more active role in international studies, thereby strengthening our publications in the field of artificial intelligence, which will lead to an increase in the number of publications with impact.” said.

Ural Akbulut pointed out that the fact that some of the artificial intelligence researchers are not academic researchers but IT company employees is another dimension specific to artificial intelligence research.

Akbulut explains that as a result of the development of artificial intelligence in integration with information and communication technologies, information companies have started to have a presence in the publications made in this field alongside the academic institutions that still hold the weight, and when we look at the publications in the last 10 years, the publications made by the IT companies in the USA have a percentage of all publications in the field of artificial intelligence. He stated that he created 7.4 of them.

Akbulut stated that this rate was 8.3% in Japan, 8.4% in Germany, 4.9% in South Korea and 2.2% in Turkey.

“When we look at the weight of academic publications, the share of academic publications in Turkey is 94.1 percent. The fact that artificial intelligence researches in Turkey are carried out by informatics companies, public institutions and non-governmental organizations in addition to universities will increase the country’s global dominance in the field of artificial intelligence. In this direction, continuing the efforts of YÖK to establish artificial intelligence departments in universities across Turkey and enriching it with data science research is an important opportunity for Turkey to create human resources that can work in this field.

For scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence, it would be very useful to give additional research budgets to universities that are successful in this field as soon as possible. It is important to allocate an additional budget for academicians working in the field of artificial intelligence at universities to participate in international symposiums and develop international collaborations. Similarly, it is of great benefit to provide incentives and financial conveniences to IT companies that are successful in this field.